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State of the Weight Wednesday: Back In the Game

Welcome back to State of the Weight Wednesday!

Being healthy is about more than just the number on the scale. It’s about living life while getting healthy. SOTWW is about making small changes you can live with.

State of the Weight Wednesday, Finding Walden

It’s really time to take a new photo for SOTWW, you guys, because I’m back in the game and down to 194.5 as of this morning’s weekly weigh-in.


I wanted to be down to 189, my 31 for 31 goal, by next weekend’s Type A conference, and that’s not going to happen. That’s okay, though. Life and death and broken arms have gotten in the way and despite all of that, I haven’t fallen completely off the wagon. Right now I’m feeling kind of motivated by that, you know?

No, I haven’t always made the healthiest food choices. No, I haven’t always been diligent about going to the gym. But the thought that this is something I’m doing because I both need and want to do it hasn’t left my mind. My progress and the fact that I’m writing about this every week has kept me in check.

Basically, what I’m saying is thanks for reading this. You’re my accountability.

I’m finally about to crack and order some sort of something I can do at home or see what’s available via streaming. Until we talk to the pediatric orthopedist on Friday, Joshua’s on “light activity” (AHAHHAHAHahaha. o_o ) because of his arm. Even though he understands what’s going on and would probably be okay in the gym daycare, I don’t want to put him somewhere I can’t supervise him and risk him further injuring himself before we know more about what’s going on in there. That means going to the gym after Dan gets home or doing something at home or not doing anything at all.

I feel better when I work out, so it’s time to make something happen.

One thing I did do last week, and what I think was the reason for this week’s success, was watch my portions and cut out the snacking.  I focused on healthier snacks like fruit and yogurt and not cookies and crackers and all around junk.

(Except for Saturday’s date at the food truck park, which I will tell you allllll about because delicious food truck food.)

I also ate breakfast every single morning. Without fail.

I couldn’t go to the gym as regularly as I wanted, so I did what I could to watch what I put into my body. Instead of just saying “Meh, this week is screwed” and eating everything I found a different way to make it work.

I’m glad I did. Because the shorts I bought at the beginning of the summer are just the tiniest bit too big today.

I realize I’ve been sort of all over the place in my SOTWW posts, swinging from positive to defeated back to positive, but I’ve sort of been all over the place in terms of life lately, you know? Anyway. ONWARD is what I’m saying.

Weekly Goal: Find a workout routine I can do at home when I can’t get to the gym.
Weight Goal:  31 pounds total, 5.5 pounds to go.

What were your successes for this week? Setbacks? Leave a link if you’re blogging about your journey (and please check out the other links!) or let’s talk SOTWW in the comments!

State of the Weight Wednesday, Finding Walden

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.