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A Fun Date With Food Trucks

You’ve heard of food trucks, yes? A slew of them have rolled into Atlanta in the past year or two. As their popularity has increased, so has Dan’s interest in their offerings.

Knowing about his interest in the food trucks and his love for trying new things, and because we don’t get out without the kids nearly enough, I scheduled the sitter for Saturday afternoon and carted him off to the Atlanta Food Truck Park for a date.

(Actually, I made him drive.)

For the most part we split everything and ordered appetizers to keep down costs (and calories) and just made our way through some of the trucks there that day.

Atlanta Food Truck Park

We started with a truck called Grilldabeast and tried their panko-fried avocado and smoke-fried wings in sweet chile sauce. A nice way to start, for sure.

Then we moved on to WOW! Food Truck for their arepas. Dan ordered one with smoked pork and one with beef. That beef arepa was my favorite thing all day. The tender brisket. The cheese. The Kicky sauce. Mmmm.

Next came meatball sliders from Mighty Meatballs. I saw the Bahn Mi meatball and knew that Dan would like it. It was his favorite of the day even though he said it’s not what he would’ve chosen for himself. (Wife win!) The chicken meatball slider was good but the sauce needed a little more flavor.

Our final selections came from the Taco Buggy. The Mexi-Can’t beef taco was fantastic but I’m a sucker for salsa verde and the Dirty Sanchez was definitely tasty.

And then there were the dessert trucks.

Atlanta Food Truck Park

Because it was technically Dan’s day, I got the Penelope cupcake from YumYum Cupcake. A chocolate cupcake with peanut butter buttercream icing.

And then we visited King of Pops. This was our third time being able to visit a King of Pops cart and I have yet to order anything I didn’t like. While the Caramel Sea Salt popsicle is still my favorite, the Raspberry-Lime was tasty. The Watermelon-Orange was also a good choice.

By the time we finished our popsicles, we were full. And our sitter time was almost up.

What makes this a really cool date is that there are different trucks at the park every day, so we could go back and do this again and experience totally different food. There’s a huge greenspace available for kids to run around, plenty of picnic tables, and live entertainment, so we could take the kids if we wanted to.

(Except then we’d have to share everything with Emma and the only thing Joshua would eat is the popsicle. So, kid-free afternoon it is!)

We get kind of caught up in being parents and in our work, that it was really great to get away for just a couple of hours and enjoy some food and conversation with Dan. His willingness to experience new things is one of the things I love about him because it forces me to try new things, too.

I’m glad I have him.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.