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Week(s) in Review: 6 and 7

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I’m only sort of certain that I’m actually on weeks 6 and 7 of the week in review. Like, maybe 80%. But I don’t want to be a quitter so I’m pounding out this post right now for the sake of 1) not quitting and 2) seeing just how boring I can be, apparently. Which means I’ll probably lose 10 readers for being boring. I CANNOT BE WITTY AND ENTERTAINING ALL THE TIME. But I want to be witty and entertaining all the time because it doesn’t suck as much as being boring. OMG I’m rambling now.

I feel like I can’t exactly remember everything we’ve done in the past two weeks to adequately recap things here, but I’ll give it the old college try.

(What exactly does that mean, “the old college try”? I need someone to explain that to me because I’m too lazy to Google and try to figure it out myself. Okay? So someone get on that. Pronto.)

So, a week and a half ago, we had Emma’s 100 day birthday, then I embarked on a journey to visit my grandfather and got a speeding ticket on the way home that will cost me many, many pairs of shoes. This week I blogged a lot. More than I’ve blogged in several weeks, actually, and it felt good. But it also took a lot of time. Like, I’d start a post and finish it 8 hours later, which is just crazy to me.

Joshua also gave up napping, probably forever, and I spent Monday afternoon being a crazy person about it. And then I tried to get him to nap again on Wednesday and that was a fail. So Friday I just decided I wasn’t saying anything at all about a nap and I was cracking open a beer at 6:30 in the evening because HOLY GOD did that kid need to go to bed in a hurry.

And really, I think that’s what I did this week: I blogged. Joshua didn’t nap. And everyone’s still alive. The end.

But it’s almost insane how tired that makes me just thinking about it.

The past two weeks have been busy blurs of crazy with a BlogHer cherry on top (THIS WEEK) and I finished reading everything in my Google reader from the past two weeks (all 200+ posts) tonight while rocking Emma to sleep. Except now I can’t remember what I read because I read so many things so quickly because I didn’t want to be douchey and just mark everything as read. So I crammed and now I fail the test. (That’s how it always worked for me, at least.)

So tell me what YOU read this week and if I read it too we’ll dish about it.

Now excuse me while I crash.


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Monday 30th of July 2012

First of all I think you got the good end of the witty and entertaining stick :) Seriously, I read a lot of blogs and yours is always a favorite.

Secondly, I should start stocking up on beer and wine for the day that Grace (2) stops napping. I neeed that naptime like whoa. Being a SAHM has been really eye opening and I'm totally getting a good look at the side of the fence I've always envied and I can appreciate what SAHM's go through instead of being all, "what could you POSSIBLY have to complain about."

Yeah, I was a bit of an asshole of a working mom.

Anyhooo....looking forward to seeing you in the Big Apple! :)


Monday 30th of July 2012

this was my favorite definition of "the old college try" on

Giving something your best shot, even if you aren't sure how to do it. i.e. Mrs. Victoria Landers' way of saying, "I haven't taught you how to do this, and even if I did, you wouldn't understand it. But anyways, here you go!" Attempting the "old college try" always results in uncontrolled rage and frustration rather than learning. This condition is only augmented by trying to find help in the textbook, "Calculus: Graphical, Numerical, Algebraic," possibly the epitome of a horrible textbook. Mrs. Landers: "Just give it the old college try and you'll learn it."

Disgruntled student: "FUCK YOU MRS. LANDERS. I haven't learned shit all semester, and doubt I'm going to start learning by giving it the old college try like your whore ass tells me to." (Flips the bird)

i dread the day that nap time ends for us. what really helped us keep it going was a crib tent, louise can't get out of it and therefore doesn't wander around her room instead of napping.

sorry you got a speeding ticket, that SUCKS.


Monday 30th of July 2012

I am dorky enough to google old college try to see if it meant what I thought it did. It seems to be making a possibly futile effort or trying for the sake of trying. However, urban dictionary is awesome and it also means showing too much cleavage and trying to get the last hit from a bong.

Mrs. Tuna

Sunday 29th of July 2012

Arghhhh, crash and burn! No, no, no. Must make it until the end of the Olympic viewing.

Yeah well, you're talking to the woman who fights to make it until 8 PM every night.

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