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Hoarding peace

Today was a good day. Not because it was spectacular but because it was normal.

Both kids slept well last night which means I slept well last night. The smell of hot coffee called to me from the kitchen. We played and then Emma napped and it was just calm. Peaceful. The kind of morning I want to have every morning.

When Emma woke up I got her out of her swing and I just smelled her. I took her in.

I basked in the simplicity of that moment. I stood there by that swing holding my infant while my son sat on the couch eating “chee-rows” and my heart nearly burst out of my chest with the happiness.

Do you ever find yourself stopping to just be present in a good moment? To really feel everything that you’re feeling? To bask in it?

I do.

It’s one of the things battling PPD and PPA taught me to do. I learned to feel my good moments as intensely as I felt the bad ones. To savor them. To cling to them with every piece of my heart.

Be present in the good moments. Hoard them for the rainy days.

Those peaceful moments are the stuff of hope.

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Julie S.

Wednesday 1st of August 2012

This totally made me smile. :)


Tuesday 31st of July 2012

Great advice. Sometimes it's hard for me to not multitask. I don't want to miss the small things.... Good reminder.


Tuesday 31st of July 2012

I needed this today, I was having a bad mommy moment before naptime and this just reminds me that the good so much out weighs the bad. When K gets up from nap time she will be a whole new person and so will I.

Caitlin MidAtlantic

Monday 30th of July 2012

Those normal days. Oh! Those normal days truly are the best! I so hope you have a week filled with the wonderful normal!


Monday 30th of July 2012

Yes. so much yes in this post.

It feels good to smile more this time around, for sure.

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