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Listen To Your Mother! No, Really!

I had a wicked rant brewing in my head earlier today and I just can’t post it now because YOU GUYS!


Listen To Your Mother Atlanta

No really. That’s a thing you should definitely do is listen to your mother. And another thing you should definitely do is come and see Listen To Your Mother: Atlanta next weekend.

The past month and a half has been IN-SANE with commitments to be met, birthdays to be celebrated, work to be done, life to be lived, and a host of crap dumped on my plate that I didn’t ask for and certainly didn’t feel equipped to handle. I’ve spent the earlier part of this week sort of wallowing in what a shitty couple of weeks I’ve had emotionally and counting down the hours until I could get to my therapist’s office and word vomit all over her oddly-80’s chair.

That appointment was supposed to be today but I thought it was tomorrow. I was on the verge of sinking when I drove to The Earl Smith Strand to meet with the lighting guy there to talk about our show next week.

When he turned down the house lights and flipped on the spots, it was like a light had been flipped inside me, too. I could see our show on that stage and I could hear the stories in the voices of our cast members and it was invigorating.

I walked out of The Strand today and walked back to my car with a bit of a lighter step. I climbed in, cranked the car, and looked to the left. There, on the marquee, was our logo. OUR SHOW. On a marquee.

Nothing else mattered in that moment. Not any of the things that had been plaguing me when I woke up this morning. None of it.

I climbed out of the car and walked down the street to wait for the logo to come back to the marquee so I could take a picture.

This thing we’re doing, Jana and me and our amazing cast? It’s about to happen for real. Suddenly none of that other nonsense matters.

I’ve “finished each day,” so to speak, and because I can’t change what IS I’m just looking toward the 26th and what WILL BE.

What will be is something amazing. While there are other things right now that are so uncertain, that is one thing I hold as a truth.

Listen To Your Mother: Atlanta is going to be amazing.

The people who’ve entrusted Jana and I with their stories, who are willingly breaking out of their comfort zones or paying tribute to the mothers in their lives, who are sharing the humorous anecdotes of motherhood along with the heartwarming ones, they are amazing so this show can’t be anything less than that.

I do hope you’ll be there to see it.

Join us at The Strand!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.