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Listen To Your Mother: Atlanta is part of an international live storytelling event which takes place in cities across the US and Canada in the two weeks leading up to Mother’s Day. We are proud to be in our third season here in the Peach State’s capitol city.

Every year a dozen or so brave souls take the stage in our city and join storytellers across the country sharing their tales of motherhood in all its glory, the good, the bad, and the funny. (One need not be a mother to read!) Our Listen To Your Mother YouTube channel houses all the stories from all the shows and can provide hours (and hours…and hours) of inspiration and entertainment.

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You might do both at the same time.

For more information about Listen To Your Mother: Atlanta, please check us out our blog. If you have questions regarding auditioning to become a cast member or supporting our show financially via a local sponsorship, please email us at

Jana and I are forever thankful for your support.Listen To Your Mother Atlanta Stage