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State of the Weight Wednesday: Snack Attack

It’s Wednesday again! Time for another State of the Weight!

State of the Weight Wednesday, Not Super Just Mom

I’m not calling this half pound loss all the way to my goal of 10 pounds lost, but I’m changing the pic because I think something is wrong with my scale. Or my bathroom floor.

Yep. That sounds ridiculous.

I noticed that the scale was straddling some grout lines in the floor and was way, WAY off. Then I moved it to be all on the same square and got a different number. Then I moved it to another square and got yet another number. This one popped more often than any other, so this is what I’m going with.

People weighing yourself, check your floors. <—Moral of my story?

210.5. That’s where I am this morning.

I only managed to make it to the gym 4 times instead of 5, which is my goal, but we walked all over the place at Day Out With Thomas and I wore Emma the whole time. I feel like that counts, even if it was light exercise. Claire is about to have the baby for those of you following my escapades with Lost. I am thoroughly addicted to this show and have not yet decided if I’m Team Jack or Team Sawyer. I have, however, decided that Hurley is the best.

It was impossible to keep up with my water intake beyond around 45 oz a day, and I completely, totally, brutally failed at healthy snacking.

Considering the way I ate like garbage (and drank a beer or three) this weekend, I’m not surprised. But I haven’t had a Moon Pie in a decade and it was so fresh and delicious I can practically taste it right now four days later.


What the failure with this challenge says to me is that the next challenge is the one I have been dreading.

Food journaling.

I had hoped that this wouldn’t have to happen yet. It’s a process I find to be daunting because hello, I’m tracking everything I put in my mouth and I’ll probably embarrass myself. But if embarrassing myself–if staring at the cold, hard truth of all the extra calories I consume–is what it takes to make me STOP GRAZING ON GARBAGE, then so be it. I’ll do it.

I know from my history with dieting that this is effective. It’s accountability. It’s a number that turns RED RED RED, glaring at me from the screen on my iPhone. It forces me to make healthy choices all day long. It’s a reminder that if I splurge it has to be just that–a one time thing. I cannot have ice cream every night and call it splurging.

So, I opened MyPlate and started recording my food.


No, I didn’t have a 674 calorie breakfast. I just didn’t put my lunch in the right place. ::shrug::

I know that calorie counting probably isn’t the recommended way of dieting right now, but it’s something that I know works for me. It forces me to make choices. I can have this unhealthy thing which won’t fill me up or I can have this healthy thing (and more of it) which will. Given those two choices I will almost always choose the smarter, healthier choice.

But I know I will fall off the wagon hardcore if I don’t have the flexibility to occasionally eat something really bad for me, like a burger. Or a piece of cake. Or a serving of fro-yo. So this is where I’m starting.

Weight loss goal: 10 total pounds, then I’m buying a bra that fits
Weekly goal: Food Journaling

State of the Weight Wednesday, Not Super Just Mom

What are your goals for the week? Did you have a success? Let me know and let’s celebrate it!

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The Many Thoughts of a Reader

Saturday 11th of May 2013

Yay you! I am at an 8 pound loss for 2 weeks. I have indulged too much in the last 48 hours and I wil again tomorrow so Monday shall not be a fun weight day. I need to walk more. But this damn allergies need to end.


Thursday 9th of May 2013

Hey don't know if you remember me we went to high school together and did band together. Anyhow been following your blog for a while ( I recommend it to anyone who needs a good mom blog). I'm trying to get back on the exercise wagon, my son is 3 mths old, but I'm nursing which has made me relatively well endowed. Since you nurse Emma do you have any recommendations for good supportive workout gear?


Saturday 18th of May 2013

I definitely remember you :)

I have no recommendations for workout gear, sadly. I'm wearing whatever ratty things I had in my dresser before getting started on this journey. I have heard great things about both Panache and Freya bras, both of which are pricey, but probably worth it.

John (Daddy Runs a Lot)

Thursday 9th of May 2013

The whole thing is that food journaling will only ever embarrass you, yourself -- I've actually managed to get myself to the point where I just don't care when that number turns red on me . . . I just keep doing it, because I'm much more concerned about the number at the end of the week, than at the end of the day. And most days, I "win".


Thursday 9th of May 2013

Oh, I'm definitely a big picture, whole week thinker. One bad day will not derail me. Seven bad days in a row will.

Ann @ Such a Mama

Thursday 9th of May 2013

Okay, I am jumping back on the bandwagon on Monday! My husband and I did low carb before baby #2 and I lost almost 50 pounds. Well, I lost 50 pounds and then gained back 4 and didn't try to lose those 4 before I got pregnant. Remarkably I am only up 5 since my last pre-pregnancy weight, but I would like and try to lose about 15 pounds at this stage in life. I only have 9 more days of pumping at work and I know once that is done with, the pounds are going to stick if I keep eating like I am now.


Thursday 9th of May 2013

Yay for jumping back on the wagon! You can do this!!

Robin | Farewell, Stranger

Thursday 9th of May 2013

All right. You got me. It's time for me to do something about my eating habits.

Also, yay you! Love the progress.


Thursday 9th of May 2013

Thanks! And YAY YOU for doing something for you!!

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