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Comfort and Joy

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Let’s play a little word game, shall we?

When I say the word “holiday,” what comes to mind?

What about when I say the word “comfort”?

What about if I combine the words “holiday” and “comfort”?

Did you get food and yoga pants, too? Because that’s totally what I think about when I think about holidays and comfort.

(Mostly food, but yoga pants are a close second if only so that I can eat MORE food. Which necessitates me buying MORE yoga pants. Gah. Such a vicious cycle.)

Before meeting Dan, my family had our own traditions surrounding meals for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And those meals were always delicious and something I still look forward to every year.

I love my Mama’s “set-it-and-forget-it” approach to making a turkey or a ham. Put it on the night before on the lowest oven setting, go to sleep, and know that everything will come out perfectly in the morning.

Hers is the approach I’ve most adopted in my life. Because it’s easy.

But Dan?

Well, see, my husband is kind of neurotic when it comes to being in the kitchen. And he spares no neuroses when it comes to cooking a Christmas dinner.

Neurotic husband, party of one.

Dan and his dad share a love of Christmas roast and yorkshire puddings and there’s something quirky and awesome and comforting about knowing how much care these men take in making sure Christmas dinner is nothing short of amazing.

Even though it’s neurotic, there’s something about it that’s also weirdly comforting. It’s our…way. And I wouldn’t change it.

There’s always been something to me about holiday food and looking forward to sharing a meal with friends and family that brings a little more peace to my heart.

This year is no exception, no matter what. Bring on the food, y’all. And don’t forget the yoga pants.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.