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I’m freaking out. On the inside.

Today is the day, people. This is it.

In approximately 13 hours, I will land in San Diego and HUG KATE SLUITER‘S FACE. Even though she is not a hugger.

And? I will be at BlogHer with the most fantastic roommates ever in Alena, Diana, and Suz.

3,000 like-minded people will descend on the same place to learn about the same things: blogging, social media, and networking. People will meet their friends, some for the first time and some in reunion. There will be parties and events. There will be random meet-ups in hallways and Starbucks.

I have great guest posts lined up to keep y’all entertained (and starving) in my absence.

In short, the weekend will be awesome.


While I may be cool, calm, and collected (AND EXCITED) on the outside (thanks to my deodorant, no doubt…I mean, the deodorant doesn’t make me excited…), I am freaking out on the inside.

Like, “I could burst into nervous tears at any moment and my digestive system is on no-go-for-launch status” freaking out.

I have only flown by myself once. And it was a one-hour flight to Memphis. IT DOESN’T EVEN COUNT REALLY!

My students? I have only seen them for two days. And while I have threatened verbal beatings when I return if they misbehave, I found out who my substitute is and I’m scared of the report I’ll see on Monday.

But most of all, I am really, really going to miss my boys. A lot.

Last night I put Joshua to bed so I could be close to him. He drank his milk and counted the characters and numbers on his cup. He said good night to Wall-E, and Thomas, and Miss C, and the Backyardigans, and Spider-man. I told him I loved him. And that I’d miss him. And that I loved him some more.

And then he said “Get ih bed.” And I kissed him a few times and put him down.

I worry that going is the right thing to do. If I’ve done everything I could do to make their time without me as painless as possible. If they’ll be okay without me.

I know they’ll be okay.

I know we’ll all be okay.

Better than okay.

But? I’m still freaking out on the inside.

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Rocky Mountain Mama

Wednesday 3rd of August 2011

Aww! You will have a blast Miranda! And the boys will most definitely be fine without you. Give Kate a face hug for me, too. K? I can't wait to hear all about BlogHer!


Wednesday 3rd of August 2011

have fun! i may be slightly jealous!


Wednesday 3rd of August 2011

I was completely freaking on the inside when I left for RAGBRAI. I had just spent a week at the beach with the family . . . with the kids all day & night. And I left, knowing that I wouldn't be able to see them, at all.

It allowed me to recharge, and have fun, and do things that I'm willing to admit that I owed to myself. But, it still freaking sucked - the pain from missing them was palpable. It didn't ruin the trip, at all, but it was always there.

You're going to have a great time. you're going to miss your boys, I'm sure . . . but that missing will just make the hugs & smiles & kisses that much sweeter when you get back home.


Wednesday 3rd of August 2011

Have fun momma! And they will be fine. I had to hop on a plane in March unexpectedly and leave the hubs and Abby for like 5 or 6 days. I made a crockpot meal for them. I prepped him on dropping Abby off at daycare, and I cried a little. But when I got back, the look on Abby's face when she saw me was priceless! Seriously, have loads of fun!

Alison@Mama Wants This

Wednesday 3rd of August 2011

Perfectly okay to freak out. Your boys will totally be okay and so will you. Have fun!!

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