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Stuff my kid (maybe) ruined

In college I developed a habit of not showering until after dark on Saturdays and Sundays so that I wouldn’t leave the house. If I left the house, I’d spend money. On a credit card. That I could not pay off each month because I was paying for everything else.

This habit has made me quite a lazy spender of days. Where Dan’s all GO GO GO, I’m all NO NO NO.

Except sometimes I DO reach the point where I’m all “please just let me go pay bills or get my lady parts examined or something to GET OUT OF HERE.”

Enter today.

Today I needed to get out of the house in a major bad way and so did Joshua. But a monster case of the unmotivateds set in and we didn’t leave because I was tired since he’s decided 6:00 am is a GREAT time to wake up.

And then this happened:


Yep. That’s my laptop. Broken.

You see? The reason I use the laptop is so I can surf the web from the comfort of my couch. Partly because I’m lazy and partly because that’s what laptops are for. So today, in his overexuberance about ANOTHER episode of THOMAS THE TRAIN, Joshua practically leaped onto the couch. Sending the computer tumbling to the ground.

“I sowwy! I sowwy” he says, and happily goes back to Thomas.

He’s been saying this a lot lately. “I sowwy!” or “Sowwy, Annie!” and sometimes, it makes me worried. But that’s a post for another day.

Today? He made a boo-boo, said “I sowwy” and went about his business.

I picked the computer up, opened it, saw this, and my heart sank. Like, into my toes.

No. Beyond my toes.

I wanted to cry and vomit at the same time. And I would have had it not been for naptime fast approaching.

I thought to myself “My husband is going to KILL me.”

I sent him a picture of the computer saying Joshua had knocked it off the couch and that I was so, so sorry.

I expected a scathing text message back from him, scolding me for being irresponsible. For not paying attention. For letting the computer be on the couch in the first place.

What I got from him? Two messages:

uh oh. lol


upload it to

My husband? Is kind of a saint when it comes to things like this.

When there are socks in the pile of towels? He might slightly lose his shit.

When a piece of expensive electronic equipment is shattered? His text response diffuses the situation by making me chuckle.

(It’s part of why I love him. I can never stay mad at him and we balance each other out in the “things to get upset over” arenas of life. Me? Socks in the towel pile? Means “yay socks I can throw into the orphan sock basket and not fold right now!” Him? Expensive things that I screwed up? “No big deal. We’ll figure it out.”)

So here are my new digs:

The husband's ploy to get me back into the kitchen.

Dan set this up while we waited on dinner to finish on the grill. I might’ve snapped at him in the process. But I blame the snapping on the toddler who kept going “no No NO THOMA! MYYY THOMA!” Over. And over. And over.

The same toddler who MAY have had a cookie for dinner because he wouldn’t stop with the whining about that damn train.

So, until we can figure out what we’re going to do this is it for the time being. Me, relegated to the life of a semi-desktop computer once again. Sitting in a hard-backed kitchen chair while I blog and losing skin each time I get up because MAN it is HOT here and my assets are sticking to this chair. (And this is the point where any companies out there looking to have laptops reviewed need to come a’knockin’.)

Hey, at least there’s a place to put my wine, right?

Oh, Sauvignon Blanc. You never let me down.

I should’ve just gone to Target and spent some money.

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Please pass the wine

Thursday 23rd of June 2011

[...] a room at BlogHer to pay for and I need to buy pants thanks to the “Summer Spread” and my laptop is still broken) Joshua and I aren’t leaving the house much these [...]

Kenna Ray

Sunday 12th of June 2011

I once flipped my company laptop off of my lap and shattered the screen. I kept trying to restart it, like that would somehow fix the problem. I was so nervous to tell my boss what happened, but his response was much like your husband's. These things just happen, I guess.


Saturday 11th of June 2011

Oh damn, that sucks. Just... so much suckage.


Friday 10th of June 2011

My laptop has almost looked like that a few times...mostly because I wanted to throw it, but partially because I set it down "for a minute" in relatively awkward spots. Also? As much as I love my MacBook, I sometimes miss my desktop and the nice big monitors for editing pictures.


Friday 10th of June 2011

If this had happened in Sluiter Nation? I would have cried and told Cort to "fix it" and he would have gotten giggly at researching the best new machine for me. Not that we could afford it, but man does he like to research.


and awesome.

sometimes I wish i had a desk top location like I did before E was born. His nursery was my office. I liked it in there. I just didn't know it.


Friday 10th of June 2011

Dan probably did research a new machine. And then he probably researched our bank account.

And yes, I sometimes wish I had a space for computering so I didn't have to do it in the living room/dining room table/kitchen. But to have that space, I'd have to reorganize my sewing table. That will be a complete pain the assets.

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