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Finally! A dog that doesn’t shed OR POOP!

Thank you to Cube Dog for sponsoring this review. For more information about Cube Dog please visit the Facebook page or download it on iTunes.

People, I love dogs. The fact that we’ve kept ours alive and relatively healthy for 4 years is awesome.

(I mean, there was that chicken bone incident.)

And everyone who meets her says “Oh, she’s so sweet.”

(Except my mother-in-law who says “Oh, Annie too BIG!” Because, I mean, she weighs 90 pounds.)

I also happen to be quite in love with my iPhone and kid-friendly apps. Because Joshua knows how to work my iPhone better than I do sometimes.

(What, you don’t let your toddler play with a piece of $200 equipment so you can grocery shop? Because you should think about it. It’s quite peaceful.)

So, when the opportunity to review the Cube Dog came through my inbox, I jumped at it. In part because I thought it’d be fun and also because…well, yeah. It was fun. And it’s the summer. And why not spend some time doing something somewhat mindless because I spend so much of my time doing things that require more thought than this.

Meet Sammie:

Cute, right?

Sammie is my customized, non-shedding, non-POOPING (meaning, no walking! SCORE) 3D, fully animated version of man’s best friend. And s/he goes where I go. Without the use of a ridiculously overpriced pet carrier to keep me looking foolish stylish.

Sidenote: At the spray park on Monday, there was a woman carrying her toy dog in a $300 designer pooch purse. At the kid’s park. My country girl ways were all o_O about that.

Anyway, back to Sammie.

(I still haven’t decided if I want Sammie to be a boy dog or a girl dog yet. Because e-pets are about the only way I want to have a boy dog thanks to a particularly harrowing childhood incident with Rosco the Beagle. And if you can’t use your imagination and figure out what I mean? Well, then I just don’t know what to say. Except Rosco was ALL BOY DOG. O_O )

Sammie responds to being “petted” as if s/he has been given the “down” command and is eagerly waiting for a treat and will pant and look around like “WHERE ARE MY DOGGY BISCUITS?”  See?

Down Sammie! Good dog!

But, if Sammie feels scared, hilarity ensues. Because the dog becomes a NINJA. Ha! YES! I’m serious! A NINJA.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Cube Dog

The first time I saw this, I giggled. I did. I was laying down to take a nap and needed to unwind just a bit so I opened up the app and started playing with the Cube Dog. And I poked at the screen a little too vigorously and out of nowhere came a ninja star. And then Sammie turned into a ninja and fought off the flying ninja stars with tiny little puppy sai!

I giggle just thinking about this.

You can have up to three Cube Dogs, so Sammie has a friend.

Meet Ralphie:

I scratched Ralphie's tummy and love happened.

So far, Ralphie’s new. I haven’t gotten to know this one very well yet. But I will.

Before you download the app, here’s the techie stuff you should know:

Cube Dog is compatible with:

  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPod Touch 3rd generation
  • iPod Touch 4th generation

All of the above must be running iOS 4.0 or higher.

You can download the Cube Dog app through the app store on your phone or via iTunes. The basic app is F-R-E-E! Additional in-app purchases start at just $.99. (Scared of your toddler/child making in-app purchases? Make sure you have your iTunes account set to ask for your password on every purchase!)

BUT WAIT! There’s MORE. If you download the Cube Dog app, there’s going to be a little contest running on the Cube Dog Facebook page June 13-17 so be sure to tune in for that!

Yay! Go make a Cube Dog and then come back and tell me about it!


While Cube Dog provided me with the app to review, the opinions I’ve expressed here are solely my own and represent my honest viewpoint. Cube Dog, Clever Girls Collective and I promote Blog With Integrity.

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Thursday 9th of June 2011

Sammie is very cute! Easy, low maintaince pet, sounds good to me!


Thursday 9th of June 2011

Sammie is PERFECT. Because s/he doesn't expect to be entertained before I've had my morning coffee.


Thursday 9th of June 2011

sooooo cute!!! Now I want an iPhone even MORE! damn blackberry contract. grrrrrr.


Thursday 9th of June 2011

Gah. I love my iPhone. LOVE.

Rach (DonutsMama)

Wednesday 8th of June 2011

Haha, that's cute. I don't suppose they bark at 2am when a leaf blows by the door and wake up the entire household?


Thursday 9th of June 2011

No. No they don't. WIN!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.