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What I did on my Icecation, or “She’s Crafty”

Y’all, if you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook, you know that I’ve been out of work for AN ENTIRE WEEK. We’re not going back tomorrow. In fact, because of the MLK holiday on Monday, we’re not going back until NEXT TUESDAY.  I mean, cool, right?


Because I’m still okay with the fact that I haven’t stepped foot outside my house since Monday.

(Yes, I’m serious.  It’s freaking cold and FROZEN out there.)

Though I *am* reaching the end of my proverbial rope and *may* have to venture to the land of the Target tomorrow. You know, just to see what they have. But there’s an equally good chance I’ll wake up tomorrow and decide that pajamas are far too warm and my house is far to cozy for me to leave it. So, we’ll see.

However, the point of this post is that I’m a Crafty Crafter.  It’s true. In addition to my culinary prowess and general awesome, I’m also crafty.

Earlier in the week, when I was still feeling motivated to be productive, I decided to begin the fulfillment of Resolution #2–Keep my House Cleaner by Way of Central Message Board.  On January 2nd, we loaded up and went to The Happiest Place on Earth so that I could supply shop.

So here’s my tutorial for how to make your very own marker board.  This cost me $13 (frame + cost of dry erase markers) and took me less than 15 minutes, start to finish.  Even the least crafty among you could do this. I promise.

All pictures were taken with my iPhone. Some of them will be great. Some of them will be “meh.” Sorry in advance.

Here goes:

First, I bought a frame.  I knew I wanted “Weekly,” “Daily,” and “Monthly” spots, so I looked for one with three sections.  Ikea provided.

“Ribba, ribba,” says the frog! I kill me!

Then, I took the frame apart and measured and cut my fabric. Since my living room is a sage green color and this is hanging where my kitchen and living room meet, I went with a green fabric to tie the rooms together. I also have about a zillion yards of this from when I planned (and failed) to make Joshua’s nursery bedding.

Measuring and cutting is my least favorite part of ANY project. Ever.

Then, because I didn’t want to be stuck with those wrinkles forever and always, I did something that is necessary to all good craft projects everywhere. I ironed the fabric.

True story: I stole this iron from Mama when I went to college
because I was too poor to buy my own.

But, ironing pays off in the end. Even though it looks like the iron didn’t touch this fabric. o_o

I *might* have also sprayed this with Downy Wrinkle Release. My little secret.

A while ago, I participated in a Bzz Campaign for Elmer’s and Xacto. I made a crafty crafter project using all the fancy things they sent me and then never typed it up. Maybe one day I’ll get around to doing that. For now, let me just tell you that the items they sent me? Are awesome. This might be my favorite of the little box of goodies.

Elmer’s Tape Runner. So easy to use even my friend Erin can do it. 🙂

See? Easy peesy. You just run the tape around the edges of the frame’s back board and fold the edges over. Press hard and voila!  If you pull on the fabric, you’ll also help to pull out some of the leftover wrinkles.

I wish this picture didn’t suck so bad. Sorry, y’all.

From this point, it’s a matter of reassembling your frame and hanging the marker board in your chosen location.  I chose to leave the matte in because I wanted the three sections. If you just wanted a long, rectangular memo board, you could leave the matte frame out. Your call.

Boo. This one sort of sucks, too. Yay crafts?

Final product, hung (hanged?) and ready for memos.

Let’s do our best to ignore the monstrosity of a phone jack on that wall, mmkay?

The end!

Super messy handwriting. I did this three times and Dan kept laughing at me.

So, what do you think?  A special thanks to Suzanne at Bebehblog for giving me the idea!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.