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I might be the laziest person I know

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We’re snowed iced in. Dan is going absolutely batshish crazy. I’m serious. The man started a load of laundry unprompted today. And then proceeded to go into the bathroom after his shower and put gel in his hair.

And then he came to me and said “I understand the want and need to feel pretty.” o_O

People, I think the ice has gone to his head.

Later, he said “I think I should just go out and drive around. Like, maybe go past work and see what it looks like.” I looked at him like he’d lost his mind.

I don’t drive in ice. Do we all remember the scariest commute home of ever that was not so long ago that I’ve forgotten the terror already?  Yeah. I don’t drive in this mess.

When I was in college, I trained myself (by not having many friends) to be okay with staying home all day and doing nothing. It was how I didn’t spend money. In fact, I’d wake up on Saturday mornings and stay in my pajamas until the stores were nearly closed. Then I’d shower. Because then I couldn’t leave the house and spend money I didn’t have.

So now when I get a snow ice day, I’m content to move from Twitter to Facebook to Tivo and back again. And not lose my mind while doing it.

Does that make me weird?  I think Dan thinks I’m weird because I’m content to be stuck in the house.

What about you? Do you get cabin fever?  Or am I in good company?

(Or is this completely random and seemingly pointless post proof that I have, in fact, succumbed to the dreaded fever?)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.