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I just got distracted by an episode of Clean House

and now I have nothing witty to use as a title for this post.

There is a litterbox full of feline excrement in an “office” in this person’s house. A house that is full of random shit.

A full litterbox. Full.  Of cat poop.  Not Tootsie Rolls. Cat. Poop.

I will never feel like I have a dirty home after watching this show.  Ever.

And that’s not even why I sat down to write today.

I intended to update y’all on “Operation Don’t Touch the Thermostat” and got sidetracked by filth.

So, now I’m back to the original point of the post.

It was really freaking hot in 7th period today, but I think they all learned their lessons. 

Within five minutes of them coming into class, they were like “Man…it’s HOT in here…” and “Wow…is the air broken from yesterday??” and “Can we turn on the air??”

To which I replied “No.”

And they were like o_O

And I was like O_o

Five or six girls never said anything, knowing that complaining about the heat wouldn’t make the situation any better.  Smart girls.  And one girl kept telling the others to just stop complaining, that it wasn’t THAT hot if they’d just stop thinking about it.  And the boys (mostly the boys) kept complaining and being antsy and fanning themselves and lamenting about the heat and complaining and whining and saying “You KNOW who did it. Punish HIM. WHY DO THE REST OF US HAVE TO SUFFER???”

And I kept saying “You could make it less hot in here if you stopped blowing all that hot air out of your mouth.”

It was a battle of wills.

I calmly explained that they were all paying the price because I couldn’t be certain who adjusted the thermostat yesterday afternoon. And they pointed out that I was suffering, too. And I was.

But I believe in making the one person accountable to the group.  And I think I did that.

They all knew who’d done it and they tried at first not to rat the student out.  In the beginning, they were blaming it on a student who wasn’t there today.  By the end of class they were openly telling the student to confess.

And he didn’t say a word until after the entire class had gone.  He came up to my podium and said he was sorry and that he couldn’t get written up and gave me a story about track and scholarships and he was sorry and could I please just not write him up.

So I told him that on Monday he needed to have a formal apology ready for me and for the class.  And he said he could do that.  So we’ll see how it goes.

I’m going to call this one a win for me. Even though I sweated so much in that class I felt the need to take a shower afterward.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.