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Bring it, kid.

This post is not even remotely related to my job as a mother. It is, instead, completely related to my actual job.

I teach in a mobile.  One of the perks of this is being able to control my own air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter.  When the rest of the building is trying to come up to temp or down to temp or randomly freezing or burning up, I am able to stay sort of comfortable.

One of the ways I maintain this level of personal comfort is by refusing to allow anyone except for myself to touch the thermostat.



So today, I ran to the bathroom between 6th and 7th period.  I was dying.

(That’s one of the downsides of being in the mobiles.  I’m nowhere near a restroom.)

When I came back in, my students said “Wow. She looks tired.” And I did. And I was.  So it showed, obviously.

I explained to them that my throat was killing me because I’d been reading and lecturing all day and I would need one of them to take over with the reading.  Thankfully, a couple of students volunteered.  So off we went with the lesson.

And I noticed that I was FREEZING.  So I started thinking that I was getting a fever.  Then, with about five minutes left in class, I realized that the air hadn’t gone off for the entire class period.  And that was weird.

So I walked over to my thermostat and it had been slammed down to freaking 55 degrees.

I adjusted it right back up to 75 and spun to the class and here’s how the conversation went:

Me:  “Who messed with the thermostat?”

A kid raised his hand and said:  “I did. It was hot.”

Me:  “You don’t touch this thermostat.”

Him:  “Why?”

Me: “Because it doesn’t belong to you. This isn’t your classroom.”

The rest of the class:  O_O

So I went back to my desk and sat down and then the bell rang.  So I turned to my computer and started checking my email. And then after about 10 minutes had passed, I noticed that the air was NOT going off.

So I walked back over to check on it.

Does anyone else see where this is headed??  Anyone??


I cannot be sure it was the student who confessed to messing with it the first time. And I cannot be sure that he was actually confessing to something he did in the first place or if he was just taking credit for the attention. 

I’m quite certain that flames shot out of my head and smoke started pouring out of my ears.

Tomorrow?  Do you know what the plan is for tomorrow?

Tomorrow 7th period gets NO AIR CONDITIONING. And I may not even open the door to let a breeze into the room.

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