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In just a few short hours…

I will be on the road to band camp.  BAND CAMP, y’all.

My mom is here.  Our bags are packed.  Joshua is sleeping.  The only things I have left to do are load the car and take a shower. 

(And yes, I’ll load the car and THEN take a shower so I don’t break a sweat AFTER I’ve showered.  It is HOT here, y’all.  Or I’ll make Dan load the car.  That sounds better, actually.)

But, we’ll be on the way soon. 

And if I was nervous taking a 4 month old with me last year, I’m REALLY nervous taking a mobile, active, 16 month old this year.  Really nervous.

What, of substance, is he going to eat??  Will he sleep?  If the kids wake him up coming back to the dorms will I freak out on them? (The answer to the last question is “yes,” in case you were wondering.)

I’ve got some guest posters coming up this week who are going to be talking about their experiences at band camp. 

I know, I know.  You’re all excited.  Really excited, right? 



PLEASE.  Pretty, pretty please! 

It’s fun to take a periodic walk down that ol’ road known as Memory Lane, right?  So that’s what these guest posters (and me!) are going to do. 

And some of you are probably closet band geeks, too, and you’ve just gotten too cool to admit it now that you’ve reached adulthood.  Or, you were the kind of people who laughed at us band geeks when we were all in high school, so you’ll still laugh now. 

It’s okay.  We’re stable adults.  We can handle the laughter.

At the very least, please don’t abandon me!  I’ll be back with your regularly scheduled crazy soon.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.