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I’m sensing a trend here…

I’ve had good Thursdays for two weeks in a row.  Weird, right?  (Or cool.  Whatever.)

I’m not sure why today turned out to be so awesome, but it did, so I’ll take it.

It actually started out pretty rocky.  THERE WAS NO COFFEE.

I repeat, in case my use of all caps wasn’t enough,


So I got in the car expecting that today would not be good.  Because how can it be when the crux of your whole morning (aside from Joshua sleeping until I’m actually ready for him to get up…that’s always nice) is missing. 

However, I was making great time, so I made a quick stop by McD’s for a premium roast.  And they were fast.  The McD’s by work is NEVER fast.  And they have one of those weird two-lane drive-thrus that merge and make me panic that they’re going to get my order wrong and I won’t find out until I bite into a Big Mac (which I don’t like) with tomatoes (which I don’t like even more).

But no.  Fast.  Coffee.  And I still made it to work on time. 

And then the day just kept getting better.  And I even gave out bad grades to over half of my students and STILL the day was good!  (I think I might be in the Twilight Zone.  Maybe.)

And then, then, oh y’all, hang on to your hats.

Joshua ate dinner.

A whole jar of stage 3 baby food (yes, I know he should be eating table foods.  I also know he won’t eat them.) plus applesauce plus oyster crackers plus goldfish plus a few raisins (which I fully expect to see again.  Intact.  ::shudder::).

It’s just been a really, really good day.  Peaceful.  Relaxed.  The kind of day I want to bottle up and sell.  Even though Joshua just started crying, his first wake-up of the night. 

Days like today remind me that I can do this.  I am surviving this.  Life won’t always be a string of bad days bookended with a few good moments.  Life will eventually be a string of really great days with a few bad moments. 

And that’s what I’m looking forward to.

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Theta Mom

Friday 30th of April 2010

No coffee???? GASP!

And welcome to TMC!

Really Rachel

Friday 30th of April 2010

What?! NO COFFEE did you say?! Well done for having a great day anyway. They do get easier (I expect). And one day they get teeth so you don't have to find whole raisins, revisited(!)

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