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Fabulous Friday

So, I’m trying to start something new-ish (although, there are no original thoughts anymore, so I’m quite certain this is already floating in the blogosphere).

I’m calling this “Fabulous Friday.”

Crazy, right?

It’s simple, really. 

What’s something you did today/are doing to make your Friday….uh…you guessed it…Fabulous?

In the future, I’ll schedule this post to appear on Friday mornings, but since this idea just brewed in my head today, I decided to post it now.

Here goes:


So, I’ve done a lot of feeling bad this week.  A LOT of it.  But I’ve tried to make the most of the last half of the week, too.  Today was no exception.

I got up this morning and went to Target at 8am (Fabulous Friday #1) even taking the toddler along with me.  In his pajamas.  Because we’re klassy.  (But really, it was chilly.  And EIGHT IN THE MORNING.  Pajamas were totally appropriate!)

Then, I shared my Cinnamon Toast Crunch with the toddler.  (Fabulous Friday #2)  He loved them.

Then he had a meltdown nightmare horrid afternoon nap and his diaper rash FLARED like whoa so his butt is looking a little angry right now and I had to swallow back a huge mouthful of Mama Fail.  (In my defense, his diaper didn’t feel full of pee and his antibiotic makes his poop not stink.  Which is a blessing and a curse.  And he’s usually a morning pooper and he’d already gone twice today, so I, sadly, didn’t think to check earlier.  And that’s more than you wanted to know about my son’s poop habits.)

So, to cap off my evening and make my Friday Fabulous for real, I got wings and fries from Taco Mac for dinner.  And beer from the fridge in the garage.  And now Dan is gone to the store to get me some sour gummies so I can eat them and drink another beer.  Just like I did in college.  (Fabulous Friday #3)

What did you do today to make your Friday Fab?

(In the future, I’ll also post this as a list, probably, instead of giving you a play-by-play.  But I’m quite the lover of words, so who knows!)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.