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Fabulous Friday

Woot!  Three weeks in.a.ROW, peolple!  And you thought I wouldn’t make it!  HA! 

Okay, anyway, back to the reason for the post.

Here’s what I’m doing to make my Friday Fab:

1.  I’m going to pick my son up as early as I can from daycare and we’re going to go to the grocery store together to buy diapers and just hang out.  That seems ridiculous, right?  That THAT’s one of the highlights of my Friday?  Well, there are afternoons when I sort of prolong going to get him because I’m afraid of the meltdown that will happen once I get him home.  Since it’s supposed to be pretty tomorrow and storming all weekend, I’m going to get him and take advantage of the nice weather and get some Vitamin D with him. I have a football in the car, so maybe we’ll find a park or something on the way home.

2.  We’re having Korean ribs for dinner tomorrow night.  It’s a savory, garlicky, thin strip of rib meat that is delish.  And I have a ginger-dressing salad to go with it.  And I might have wine.  Wait.  Who am I kidding?  It’s Friday.  There will definitely be a glass of wine.

As of right now, I’m feeling kind of lame :/

I think my Fab Fridays revolve around food and wine.  I need new hobbies for Friday nights.


3.  I’m going to have a mini-marathon of Bones since I have a few episodes on Tivo.  That’s a WIN for a Friday night, right!?!?  It is for me.  David Boreanaz and some sexy science?!  Love.

No..I’m still lame.  Food.  Wine.  TV. 

Okay, people, I need some suggestions.  Leave a comment and let me know what you’re doing or have done to make your Friday Fabulous!

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Monday 26th of April 2010

um, food and tv is totally fabulous. what would make it even more fabulous is if you were doing said activities while in bed or lying on the couch.


Monday 26th of April 2010

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Sunday 25th of April 2010

Your Friday sounds absolutely fab! And, it made me hungry reading about your dinner. How'd it go?

Alecia @ Savings and Stewardship

Saturday 24th of April 2010

Hey Miranda - that is so wild! I knew it was only a matter of time before I "bumped" into someone I knew :). Great to meet you! Hope you'll frequent my blog often - it would be great to get to know you better.

Hope you're enjoying a good weekend. For Friday nights, we usually make our famous homemade pizza w/ herbed crust, watch a little TiVo or a movie, and have a little "couple time" ... if you catch my drift. Is that too much information?! Probably!

Nonetheless, hope your weekend is awesome!

Ron Cooper

Friday 23rd of April 2010


I’m your latest Friday Follower! I would appreciate a follow-back on Google Friends Connect and/or Networked Blogs.


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.