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Good day report!

In my effort to chronicle my good days, I feel I should report to you all that I’ve made a few personal changes that, I think, are impacting my ability to have good days.

Change #1:  I have started washing my face every.single.night before I go to bed.  I found a cleansing product that I’m in love with and I’m going to share a review of it with y’all soon.  (And no, the makers of this product did not provide me with it for free.  I bought it.  I’ll photocopy the receipt if you want.  If I can find it.)  There’s something about going to bed with a clean face that helps me wake up with a clean mind.  I think.  Or maybe I’m hallucinating that or something.  Anyway, I wake up feeling a little more “clear.”

Change #2:  I don’t hit the snooze button a million times.  I don’t get up IMMEDIATELY (mostly because Joshua has a knack for waking up five to ten minutes BEFORE the alarm is set to go off which sort of FORCES me to get out of bed) but I don’t lay there until the absolute last minute and then scramble to get out of the house, either. 

Change #3:  I’ve started taking more care with my appearance before leaving the house in the morning.  I’ve started busting out my cute dresses and skirts and shoes and even though I don’t have a tan, I’m still feeling prettier every day.  And sometimes feeling pretty is half the battle.  I hope that doesn’t make me sound narcissistic.  But really, when I go to work looking my best, I end up feeling better, too.  Which translates into a better day for all of us.

And the best part about all of this is that I’ve managed to stick to this regimen despite the fact that I still feel sort of gross.  I’m not in pain like I was on Monday, but I’m still all goopy in my lungs.  It’s gross.  I don’t like it.  I’m contemplating calling the doctor and yelling into the phone that I’m a raging, antibiotic-seeking, hypochondriac and could they please just prescribe me some augmentin or amoxicillin so that I don’t get meningitis or Mongolian Body Rot from an untreated sinus infection and I don’t even care if I develop a tolerance to either of those antibiotics.  (Did I ever tell you I’m a worst-case-scenario planner??)

Anyway, so today was a good day.  We had something called “Ghost Out” at school today since the prom is this weekend.  It’s a way to show the prom-goers and young drivers the dangers of distracted and drunk driving.  The local service agencies (fire department, EMTs, police, life-flight services) mock up a crash on the track and all of the kids are taken to the stadium and they hear a monologue being read that details the events of a crash that involved three cars, claimed the lives of five of their classmates, and injured a half-dozen others.  And then the students who were involved in the crash, either via being killed or injured, don’t attend classes that day to show what it would be like if that student was no longer there.  The parents of a student who lost her life last year while texting a driving also came to share their story.  While it won’t stop them all from making stupid decisions while behind the wheel of a car, it might stop some of them.  And that’s saving lives, so I’ll take it.

I did have a hiccup or two with my 9th graders, and it was totally unexpected, but we’ll get back on track tomorrow.  (What is that I hear?!?!  Positivity!?!?  What blog have you stumbled upon!?!)

But I picked Joshua up from daycare and brought him home and we had a GREAT time this evening.  He rolled around and played outside and then threw a temper tantrum when I wouldn’t let him slap the pollen-y mailbox anymore.  We perused the items going in our neighbor’s yard sale a day or two early and got him a cute little Sesame Street chair and ottoman set.  I just have to wash the covers and he’s ready to have Katelyn or Austin over for cookies and juice.

But here’s the BEST part of the afternoon.

My son ate DINNER.  For real.  I mean, he ate butternut squash and applesauce puree. Yes, he still eats purees.  Yes, he has eight and a half teeth and 20 more on the way.  But he ATE, y’all!  Oyster crackers, squash and apples, a piece of cheese, and two graham crackers.  And some juice.  I got a VEGETABLE in him for DINNER.  This hasn’t happened in two weeks. 


That was enough to make the day AMAZING. 

(Until Dan decided to look at me like I’d farted when I pitched my new blog-title idea to him.  That wasn’t the highlight…)

But it’s almost time to wash my face again and then I’ll read a bit and hopefully, maybe, fingers crossed, Joshua will sleep all night long and wake up when I go in to get him dressed for school in the morning.  Maybe.  But I’m not holding my breath.

Fab Friday coming tomorrow!

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Thursday 22nd of April 2010

Katelyn would love to have cookies and milk with Joshua! She will likely put the cookies in his mouth, because that is one of her strategies to avoid eating it herself. Maybe Joshua can show her how to walk! I'm ready to shove her if she doesn't do it soon! I think we're due for a playdate!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.