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I haz a sick baby :((

I got a call from daycare yesterday letting me know that Joshua was running a temperature and she was going to give him some Tylenol.  He’s cutting his EIGHTH tooth, so we thought it was probably just that.  She called back right as my last class for the day was ending and said that his fever had gone up. So I called the pediatrician, ran out of the building and flew like the wind to get him picked up and to the doctor’s office. 

I do not mess around with fevers.  There is almost nothing about illnesses that scares me more than fevers.

So, we got to the pediatrician’s office and as we were sitting in the waiting room, I noticed that Joshua was just really…listless.  He wanted to look around at things, but he mostly just sat with his head on my chest. That is not normal behavior for my little guy.

We got called back and he tore up the paper like he usually does, but he wasn’t as enthusiastic as he normally is.  (Normally, I’m begging to take a roll of that home with us.  Mess be damned.  He loves that paper.)  The doctor came in and checked his lungs and said they sounded fine.  Then she laid him down to check his ears.  When he was laying down, she couldn’t see any infection behind his ear drums, but then she sat him up and looked again and sure enough, another ear infection.  It’s only in his left ear, though, instead of both like last time.

She called in a prescription, we paid our $35, and we were on our way. 

I’m over this ear infection business.  For real.  I’m tired of my son getting ear infections for no good reason and me not being able to do anything to really help him.  I hate when he feels so bad.  HATE it.  I want to take it away for him and let him be his normal, relatively happy-baby self.  Stupid, stupid ear infections!

Anyway, we got home and he just wanted to snuggle.  He’d soaked through a diaper, so I changed his clothes and we came into the living room and sat down and within minutes, he’d laid his head on my chest and gone to sleep.  Just like that.  No fussing, no rocking, just asleep. 

(Excuse the baby drool on my shirt and my double chin, mmkay?  MY SON IS SICK!)

MY POOR BABY!  It broke my heart and soothed my soul at the same time.  I love having him nap on my chest, but I hate that he felt so bad. 

He seems to be feeling a little better this morning, but I stayed home from work today to snuggle him if he needs it.  We’ll see how the day goes.

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JDaniel4's Mom

Thursday 21st of January 2010

It is so hard when your little one is sick. I hope he feels better soon. Stopping by from SITS!


Thursday 21st of January 2010

We've been very fortunate to just have one ear infection to date. My little guy is 15 months.

I feel for you and your little guy. Hope he feels better soon.


Thursday 21st of January 2010

Feel better, Joshua! You look so sweet in your mommy's arms. I'm glad she can make it all better for you. Your mommy has super powers like that.

(By the way, do you know that I do not get an email notification when you comment on my blog? And it only has that problem with your comments. Hmmm...)


Thursday 21st of January 2010

Oh that breaks my heart! There is nothing worse than a sick baby because you just want to make them feel better and you can't. I love the picture. It just adorable. Get well soon buddy!


Thursday 21st of January 2010

awww your poor little man!! You're such a good mom though! You took action ASAP and sounds like you caught it nice and fast, he wasn't in screaming pain, etc. That picture of him sleeping on you is precious...lots of snuggles while he gets better! <3

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