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Happy 2010!

Tons of people on Facebook were posting “Happy New Year” as their status updates YESTERDAY.  Which was weird to me because, well, YESTERDAY WASN’T NEW YEARS’ DAY.  Today is, so Happy New Year.

I’m not really a resolution kind of gal, but I’ve got a few this year.  I will probably abandon them somewhere between now and next week, but at least I can say I expected this when I fail miserably. 

Now, let’s see what I want for 2010.

1.  I want to be a better blogger, preferably with more exposure.  This means I should probably start whoring myself out on Facebook.  But to do that, I’ll have to let go of the fact that my mom will venture over here.  Because if I post a link, she will follow it.  However, I’m going to take the plunge.  I love you, Mom.  Please forgive me for saying the word “ass” and discussing my love of wine. 

I also need to start making notes when I think of a good blog topic so that when I sit down to write it out I don’t find myself going “Ummm….now what was I going to say again!?”  Because y’all really don’t want to read that.  I don’t even want to read that.  And it makes me sound boring.  And even if I really AM boring, I can make myself sound more exciting than that on screen.

2.  I want to not get more fat.  Would I like to lose a few pounds?  Yes, of course.  Who wouldn’t?  But instead of saying “I’m going to lose 40,000 pounds this year and look like Heidi Klum by April!” I vow to not GAIN 20 pounds this year.  That seems WAY more attainable.  WAY.

3.  I want to pay off some debt.  And I will.  Somehow, someway.  I will do this.  It will probably require the usage of our tax return money and the consumption of more than a few PB&J sammiches.  But it will be worth it.

4.  ummm…uhh….I have typed “I want to” four times now and I cannot think of anything that seems worthy of making an official New Years’ resolution. 

Is it bad that I can only think of three things that I resolve to do?? 

I know I want to be a better mom, wife, and teacher, but somehow, if I make resolutions for those things and KNOW that I’m going to abandon them (except for that whole 20 pounds thing…I will keep that resolution!) then I’m a double-failure. 

So, I’m just going to work on those things like I do every day. 

This means not stressing over Joshua’s lack of napping, and not worrying that he’s not reciting Kublai Khan by his first birthday.  He’s fine.  He’s healthy.  He’s smart.  He’s fine.  That is my mantra.

On the wife front, I need to get over my fear of “times of marital closeness” (thanks for the phrase, Aggie!)  There, blogosphere.  I’m putting it all out there, in the name of more exposure.  I love you, Dan.  And I vow to keep your laundry clean and iron your shirts when I say I will.  Or find a nearby dry-cleaners to press them for me. 

And finally, as a teacher, I need to be more patient with my freshmen.  My juniors are ANGELS and I love them and am thankful every day for the opportunity to teach them the things I love.  My 9th graders?  Well, let’s just say that I hope they were all given the gift of maturity for Christmas. 

So, faithful readers, what are YOUR resolutions?

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Friday 1st of January 2010

Wishing you every happiness during the upcoming year!

My resolutions are to spend more quality time with my family, try to worry less, and to enjoy everyday. I seriously need to slow down and prioritize!

Visiting from SITS.

Queenie Jeannie

Friday 1st of January 2010

Maturity? In 9th grade??? Doubtful but good luck with that!

I wish for you the happiest of new year's and I have a feeling 2010 is going to ROCK!!!

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