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Oh, why, hello there!

It seems I’ve got some catching up to do.  Last week was finals week for the semester so it was pretty crazy at work.  Which is why I’ve been a neglectful blogger.  Let’s kiss and make up, shall we?  ::muah::  All better?  Excellent.  Here goes:

  • Joshua had his second round of ear infections last week.  AWESOME.  Not really.  He was incredibly cranky the weekend before the one that just ended, so Dan took him to the pediatrician.  Double ear infection.  So Joshua and I spent a lot of time like this: 

because it’s the only way he’d take his naps last weekend.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the cuddle time.  LOVE it.  I just wish it didn’t take him feeling so crappy for me to get my snuggles in.

  • I got an email from the mall Santa people.  They said I could bring my CD back and they’d retake the picture.  That sounds great and all, but I haven’t had time.  Oh well.  You live and learn, right?  I’ll start calling around in February to get an appointment for the really really good Santa for next year.  And next year he’ll probably scream his fool head off out of fear of Jolly Old St. Nick.  I may not get good Santa photos from him until he’s too old to believe any more.
  • I didn’t win the Dyson.  But I did win a super cute Christmas banner from Jeannie.  It was adorning my mantle, but then I put up a third stocking (because there are three humans in the house this Christmas!) and moved the banner.  I haven’t taken pictures yet because the memory card on my camera is full.  So I’ll be clearing that out soon and then I’ll post pictures.  In the meantime, go visit Jeannie.  
  • I have about a million gifts to wrap.  And I have no desire to wrap them. Normally, I love wrapping presents because I love having pretty packages under my tree.  Because so much of my shopping has been done so close to Christmas, I really just want to leave gifts in their store bags and bring them out on Christmas morning.  I feel like such a Scrooge just typing that.  Maybe it’s time to invest in some gift bags and tissue paper.  
  • We had our Christmas party on Saturday night.  It was great fun!  The White Elephant game gets more and more hilarious every year.  This year, the big hit of the night was a pair of race-car shaped nail clippers.  They are real, working nail clippers and a real, working matchbox-looking car combined.  Hilarious!  I picked the bag with four mini-bottles of vodka.  I must’ve instinctively known that gift was meant for me.
  • Joshua’s cutie girlfriend Katelyn came to the Christmas party (along with her parents, of course, who, along with Dan and me, chaperoned the two lovebirds). 
Joshua, the gentleman, shows Katelyn how the toy works
Katelyn is surprised by how gentleman-like Joshua can be
Joshua plans to whisper sweet nothings in Katelyn’s ear
Joshua, once again, starts to laugh at his own jokes…never a good sign
Katelyn attempts to look innocent, while Joshua looks around to see if the chaperones are watching
He makes his move
ANNNNNDDDD, we’ve got to have a talk with him about how to behave on dates
(Anyone who knows the story of the night Dan and I met knows that Joshua’s behavior is very much “like father, like son” only without the excessive amounts of vodka tonics.)
And that, my friends, pretty much gets us up-to-date, I think.  I’ll have another post this afternoon because, y’all, my kid is NINE MONTHS OLD today.  Nine months old!  Holy crap! 

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Sarah and the Gentlemen

Tuesday 22nd of December 2009

What fun pictures!Those extra cuddly times are the one redeeming aspect of the little ones not feeling well.

Have a Merry Christmas!


Tuesday 22nd of December 2009

What a precious baby! I'm sorry he has been sick and I hope he feels better soon!! I hope y'all have a wonderful Tuesday and a very Merry Christmas :) xo, KA

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.