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Did Santa bring you everything you asked for?

Because he sure brought the toy store to Joshua.

When Dan and I first got married, we decided we’d do Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas Day with his family.  It works for us.  My parents live 1.5 hours north of us and his parents live an hour east.  There is no “two-Christmases-one-day” for us.  NO WAY NO HOW, Buster.  I like to ENJOY my holidays.  Not spend them in the car.  So, this is our arrangement.  And it works. 

So, on Thursday we got up, did our usual morning routine, put Joshua down for a nap (which turned out to be a good, two-hour nap!) and then we loaded up and headed north.  Everyone was ready to eat right as we walked in the door, so we ate.  Then we listened to my two-year-old niece whine for my mom to carry her around and I wanted to yell at my sister for not doing something, but I didn’t.  I should have.  But I didn’t.  I just thanked my lucky stars that my child isn’t capable of speech yet. 

Then we opened presents.  While small in quantity, the gifts there are always large in thought.  Mom has bought every child who has been born into our family a Bumble Ball or something extremely similar.  Joshua got a bumble pig.  Press the pigs nose and he oinks and snorts and then the ball starts to shake.  That thing helped keep Joshua quiet for a third of the ride home.  I really learned to perfect my pig oink.  Annie has discovered a love for pork ears as the bumble pig has already been chewed on (just a little bit.  Thankfully, she didn’t destroy it!)

Joshua is unsure of the Bumble Pig
Joshua also received a Leapfrog Learning Turtle thing (I’m not sure…it has paper pages.  He likes to eat paper.  This one is going on the shelf for the time being…) and a play cell phone.  He likes the cell phone.  He is my child.
He also got a Step-Start Walk-n-Ride from my cousin.  Like most of his toys, his favorite part of the car is the spinning thing on the back of it.  (If it spins and has a rattle inside, there’s a good chance he’s going to love it.)
Joshua shows off his new ride.  It must be European because the trunk’s in the front.  Fancy!
Joshua’s favorite part of the day.  Hugs from Nana.
We got home, put Joshua to bed, and then I got too excited to sleep.  (Okay…that’s a lie.  I’ve rarely had trouble sleeping since he’s been born.  But I was VERY excited for his first Christmas.  VERY.)
Joshua woke up early on Christmas day and we opened presents.  He was quite impressed with his gift from Santa.
YAY!! Just what I always wanted!!  Thanks, Santa!!
He really does love the Learn-n-Groove table.  And Dan and I LOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEE the voice of the woman who sings the numbers.  Love her.  If by “love”, we mean “want to stab ourselves in the ears with pointy objects.”  But he loves it, so that’s all that matters really, right?  (Every time I see that little book in the middle flipped onto the “ABC 123” page, I will have to fight back the compulsion to turn it to the music page to avoid hearing the counting jingle…)
Paper!?!  You got me PAPER!!  YES!!!
Mmmmm!  This is the yummiest paper ever, Mommy!
Then it was on to Harmy and Grandbob’s house for Christmas dinner.  (Roast beef and yorkies!  YES, PLEASE!)
Joshua and Harmony play with the Bop-em Lion.
We had a really great couple of days.  I got a gift card to Ann Taylor Loft (WOOT!!) and Dan enrolled me in a beginner’s wine class (Yippee!!!).  Joshua got some much needed toys (I realize the irony of me saying that I wanted him to have toys.  There’s got to be something wrong with that statement, right?)  I mean, look at his haul.
 Uh, mom??  Dad?  How do I get out of here???
We got to spend time with family.  We’re all healthy and happy.  I really couldn’t ask for more. It’s been a wonderful Christmas season.

So, how did you make out for Christmas? (and no, I don’t need to know details of your under-the-mistletoe escapades.  That’s not what I mean by “make out,” people?  What are you, seventh graders?!?! :pDid Santa bring you what you asked for?  Did you just ask for health?  Time with family and friends?  World peace?

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Sunday 27th of December 2009

Happy Sits Sunday! He's so darling! Glad you had a great one!

Queenie Jeannie

Sunday 27th of December 2009

Fun stuff!! They make the coolest toys for kids now!!! (and we get to play with them too, lol!)

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