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It Does a Body Good

Joshua has decided that naps are for losers.  And he cannot, under any circumstance whatsoever, be a loser.  I mean, like, no way, dude. 

::insert sarcastic eyeroll here::

Captain Crankypants would NOT let me put him down yesterday afternoon. He needed to be held until the time he went to bed last night. I almost lost my cool with him when I was trying to put his pajamas on and he kept flipping over and trying to shove everything on the dresser off into the floor.  He thought it was great fun to try and do ANYTHING in his power to keep me from getting him dressed for bed. 

I was so exhausted when I finally went to bed last night that I did not even hear Joshua when he woke up coughing.  Like a seal. Again.  Awesome.

Dan got up and gave him the rest of his bottle and Joshua went back to sleep.  But he woke up at 3am so that he could have a serious conversation about life with Curious George.  Thankfully, he went back to sleep on his own.

But then he woke up at 5:45 and it was more of the same from yesterday afternoon.  He would NOT let us put him down this morning.  Do you know how impossible it is to, oh, I don’t know PUT ON YOUR CLOTHES while holding a baby?  I mean, you’ve been there, right?  RIGHT?  If not, I pray that someday you get to experience the joys of packing a lunch one-handed.

Then, he whined alllllllllllll the way to daycare.  And when we got to daycare, he was happy as a mother effing clam to see Ms. Nancy.  Which makes me happy.  And furious.

At some point in all of this I realized that my student teacher is coming for her first day of observation today which meant that A) I needed to do a full face of makeup to hide the designer luggage I’m carrying under my eyes and B) my clothes needed to NOT be pulled out of the questionable laundry pile.   And what’s that I feel??  Engorgement.  Yep.  No skipping the before school pumping session today.  AHHHHHH!HH!H!!HH!!H!H!H!H

So here I sit, milking myself, typing a blog entry, drinking my 6th? cup of coffee, and hoping beyond hope that my child will take some good naps today and not be such a cranky kid.  Seriously.  Sleep is goooooood.  It’s better for the body than milk. 

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Mighty M

Wednesday 21st of October 2009

I so know how that feels, both of my children, especially my daughter had to be held almost constantly. It can cause some rough days for sure. Hang in there, and let's hope for some good sleep soon!!!


Wednesday 21st of October 2009

I'm cracking up at the last paragraph. Hope the day gets better!

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