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Chip Chip Hooray! A Custom Pringles Label Valentine!

What’s this? A second post in as many days. I’m as shocked as you. Blame this on the 48593 hours I spent on airplanes today.

This is an image of a custom Pringles label on a small can of Pringles. The cans are stacked in a small pyramid and say "Chip Chip Hooray."

I’m back with another craft for those of you out there whose kids will still let you do this kind of stuff for them.

Joshua’s nearly 11, so when he gave me the green light to craft his Valentine’s Day treats, I didn’t turn the opportunity down.

The kid loves chips of any kind, always has, so this year, while wandering the aisles of our beloved Target, we decided to skip the candy and cards and give…Pringles!

Chip chip hooray, guys!

Special thanks to my Facebook peeps who helped me come up with that because I’ve been using all my original thoughts for other people for…years. (“All the Pringle ladies” was a close second.)

This custom Pringles label craft is really simple but, unfortunately, not speedy.

One of the fonts I used has a lot of line work, and you can only print 2 labels per sheet of 8.5″x11″ cardstock. You can probably get 3 per 12″x12″ sheet, but it won’t really speed things up because the time consuming part is the writing.

So, set aside plenty of time. You’ve been warned.

You’ll need:

To make this custom Pringles label yourself, visit my design upload in Cricut Design Space.

The fine-point pens are required for this one. The primary font has a ton of fine lines, so using anything thicker just creates a blob.

You can add your child’s name to the label before printing or you can have your kiddo write their name on the labels for an extra touch. Your mileage may vary based on how much tween-ness exists in your house.

Once you’ve printed and cut the labels, pop the top (but not the foil!) from your Pringles cans. Wrap the label around the can nestling it between the two metal/silver top and bottom pieces.

Run the glue tape down the edge of one label so that it overlaps both the label and the can, gently pressing the other end of the label on top of the tape so that you can’t see it.

(I’m sorry I didn’t photograph this. I will be a better crafter next time.)

Joshua pointed out that the kids won’t know what flavor Pringles they have, so I said “this is a Valentine’s Day surprise! It’s great!” He’s mostly convinced.

If you’re concerned about this, color-code your flavors or buy all the same flavor so there’s no worry about giving somebody Cheese Pringles who hates Cheese Pringles. (Who hates Cheese Pringles?)

If you have not a tween in your house, you could totally jazz these up with stickers or washi tape! This mama was on a time crunch and her son doesn’t really do that crafty stuff. 🤷‍♀️

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!

(Check out my Tic Tac Totally Awesome Valentine too!)

P.S. There are Amazon affiliate links in this post which cost you nothing but help me keep the lights on and the crafts flowing. Thanks for helping!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.