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Hamilton Mixtape: Listen NOW!

Attention all people everywhere with ears capable of hearing: There’s a Hamilton Mixtape and MY LIFE IS COMPLETE.


It’s no secret I love Hamilton: An American Musical.

I love Hamilton: An American Musical so much I paid more for a ticket than I have ever paid for any ticket for any event in my life, flew to New York, spent a weekend with Tottums, and sat in The Room Where It Happens to see it. (We also saw The Color Purple. See that before you die.)


Why I never wrote about this before I have no idea. It was definitely a highlight of my life and probably the best part of 2016.

Anyway. The Hamilton: An American Musical original cast recording (because you can’t call it a soundtrack) is on heavy rotation in my Google Play app. The kids know the words to every song except “Say No To This” because I’m not ready to explain what “she led me to her bed/let her legs spread” means. Yet.

Emma and I regularly perform “The Schuyler Sisters” and she can’t decide if she likes Angelica or Eliza better, which is okay because she doesn’t have to choose. My mission as her mother is to teach her to sing any and all parts of all musical theatre songs, including the chorus and lead at the same time.

So yesterday Lin-Manuel Miranda, creative mastermind and everyone’s BFF, drops a BOMB on the universe.


Y’all, I lost what little remains of my mind when I saw it on Facebook. Remixes! New songs! Modern artists! A WHOLE NEW ALBUM TO LOVE!

It’s like my birthday, Christmas, New Year’s, and gifts for several other holidays I don’t really celebrate all rolled into one all when I thought 2016 couldn’t get any better.

This morning two tracks from the album hit YouTube. I present, for your listening pleasure, “It’s Quiet Uptown” sung by Kelly Clarkson.

No, Kelly. I cannot imagine. I could NOT imagine how this would become the song I listened to all freaking morning, completely re-envisioning American history again.

It might be quiet uptown, but it’s not quiet in my living room, and my lungs are definitely getting a workout.


For those who fell in love with Hamilton because of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s blend of hip hop and history, I give you My Shot with Busta Rhymes, Nate Ruess, Joell Ortiz, and THE ROOTS.


I love this musical. I love this music. Go buy it. Listen to it. Love it.

If you need me I’ll be over here making a paper chain so I can count down the days until the full album drops on December 2.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.