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Fall Is Here! [A Night Around the Campfire with Wayfair]

Okay, y’all. I love hot weather. For a time. (Like….four months.) And then I’m over it and tired of sweating and ready for it not to feel like I’m standing on the sun.

I’m so glad Fall is HERE!

I mean, let’s not pay any attention to the fact that it’ll be back in the mid 80s next week because right now FALL IS HERE and it’s beautiful. (Seriously. Tonight is gorgeous and I wish I were on the porch writing this but I’m not because it’s also a little chilly and I don’t actually have my fire pit yet and I’m eating dinner while typing.)

A night around the campfire

We live in the very back of our neighborhood. Those of us who live back here have dubbed it “the Corner” since, on a map, it’s the point of the development. Also because we have a dead end that isn’t a cul-de-sac and it’s sort of angular and angles have corners. Ergo, “the Corner.”


It’s not uncommon on weekend evenings to see us all slowly trickle out of our houses to meet up in someone’s driveway, fire pit(s) blazing, and S’mores fixings at the ready. The kids ride bikes and drive Powerwheels and play games and the parents sit around enjoying adult conversation and beverages!

When two of your neighbors brew their own beer and another of us just happens to sell wine (ahem), libations are a thing as we spend what we hope will be an endless number of nights around our suburban campfires.

Sometimes the fire pits aren’t enough, which is where my Wayfair Idea Board (above) comes in.

Cozy blankets are a must for nights around the fire. And for nights inside on the couch watching Netflix. And for mornings while I drink coffee. And because my kids will steal them and suddenly I have no blanket for myself and I’m freezing. (We’re sort of blanket people around here. Except Dan who thinks we’re insane.)

And then there’s the standing patio heater.

Y’all, these are amazing. And that one up there ^^? It’s electric! (do-do-do-dodododo…) That means no running out of propane and possibly ending all the fun. Plus, patio heaters can be used on…patios. AND decks, which is important if you’re ever in need of a few minutes with nature but you don’t want to freeze to death. (Probably don’t put a fire pit on a wood deck, okay?)

Long after the last marshmallow of the season has been roasted, the fun memories made with friends will live on, and that’s what nights around the campfire are really about.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.