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Wine Like You Mean It

So this WineShop at Home thing is going pretty well for me. Last month I promoted to Team Leader and we immediately set out to name our team. The final result:

Wine Like You Mean It.

It was Crystal‘s brainchild. She tapped it out in a message box and we kept brainstorming and I turned to more friends and asked them to help me brainstorm and “wine like you mean it” just kept sticking in my head.

Probably because I kept singing this song in my head, but whatever works, right?

You’re welcome for the ear worm. I’m sorry. If I have to suffer through it, so do you. We’re all in this together.

Anyway. Today I was looking at flight prices because I’m planning a trip to our annual convention this summer and y’all, flights are expensive. My money conscience Krystyn is like “don’t buy it if you can’t afford it” and I’m all “but POINTSSSSSSS.”

But she’s right, so I’m not putting this flight on a credit card, which means my hustler brain went into overdrive thinking about how I’m going to afford this flight.

Wine Like You Mean It and that song just kept playing over and over in my head because I’m pumped about having a team and helping other people find their success in this business, whatever that means to them. (Shameless plug: interested in learning more? Let’s chat.)

And then I saw it. My (very ample) rack in a shirt bearing the phrase that’s been kicking in my head for two weeks.

wine like you mean it shirt


I didn’t Google to see if this shirt already existed because I’m sure it already exists. I didn’t go to Pinterest to see what other products might be available to me. I just…made a t-shirt on Teespring. (With a few different styles and colors, too!)

Then, of course, I bought one for myself because hey, I’m all about giving to myself, right?

I’m sure there are people out there who think people selling stuff to pay for something is terrible and crappy and we just shouldn’t do things if we can’t afford to do them because there are always “people out there” in Internetland.

To that I say, well, I’m trying to afford it and if someone wants to add this to their wardrobe…

Anyway. There’s a shirt. You can buy it. For yourself or for your wine-loving neighbor.

I won’t even mind if we show up to the same place wearing the same shirt.

I will just think you have really, really good taste in shirts.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.