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FREE Printables: Holiday Treat Tags!

FREE Holiday Gift Tag Printable for Cookies and Treats

Is it just me or does Christmas just sort of sneak up on us every single year? We know it’s coming, but then BAM! Preschool posts the sign telling us a) the holiday party is coming (and please take your sugar-filled kids home when it’s over) and b) Peace out! We’re closed for two weeks! Mwahahahahahahaa!

Or something like that.

That also means it’s time to start thinking of teacher gifts. No worries. I’ve got the solution.

When I taught, I loved a handwritten note. In fact, that’s still my number 1 recommendation for anyone who wants to give something to a teacher at any time. Give them a heartfelt, handwritten note telling them that you appreciate them. I can guarantee you they probably don’t hear it often enough.

Another good gift idea?


And I’ve got free printable holiday treat tags to make your gifts adorable. Bonus: You can write your note on the back of the tag!

FREE Holiday Gift Tag Printables for Cookies and Treats

Joshua and Emma’s teachers are amazing. My kids love going to school every day. To thank them all, and the directors, I’m making another batch of Monster Cookies to wish them happy holidays. (I made this batch for us. Because holidays. And Monster cookies.)

Free Holiday Gift Tag Printables

My plan was to make Puppy Chow to go into the smaller bags (shown above) but then I left the grocery store without buying Chex cereal. It’s sort of hard to make Puppy Chow without Chex cereal. I have until Friday though, so Puppy Chow will probably still happen.

(Some teachers are squicked out by baked goods sent from home. It’s actually not personal. Given the nature of food allergies these days, it’s totally okay to pretty up pre-packaged goods to send to school.)

I know I’m not the only mom scrambling for something cute, easy, and inexpensive. In case you’re running behind and you need a little help getting your teacher gifts together, I’m making these printables downloadable via Dropbox.

They’ll look like what you see below but without the watermark and are printable up to an 8×10.

Free Holiday Printables

fancy snowflake watermark

I printed my tags at FedEx Office because I wanted card stock and because the black chalkboard background is an ink cartridge drainer. It cost $7.50 for 6 sheets and was totally worth it.

Download the free holiday treat tag printables and go bake some cookies!

Happy Holidays!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.