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Fun In The Sun With Dolphin Organics

In an effort to think of happier times around here, even if only for a moment, let’s talk about vacation! Specifically, how we kept the kids’ skin protected while they frolicked in the waves. (Yes, Emma frolicks. Also she faceplants. And then gets back up and does it all over again.)

Enter Dolphin Organics Naturals Sunscreen!

Dolphin Organics Sunscreen Revew, Finding Walden

Since we joined a gym with a pool, we’ve spent a lot of time this summer in the sun. Well, as much time as we could given all the rain we’ve had. In a pinch one day, I picked up a bottle of a been-around-for-ages kid’s sunscreen thinking “Hey, this stuff’s been around forever. It’s okay. Right?”

It worked, but their skin was still wrecked anyway. Thanks, chemicals. :/

As I got them ready for baths or dressed them after, I noticed these awful patches all over the places I thought I was protecting. Their arms, backs, and legs were scaly and dry.

We hadn’t changed bath soaps, or laundry detergents. I couldn’t think of something that could be blooming that would cause them both to break out like that.

The more I researched the (hard to pronounce, even for me) chemicals on the regular sunscreen ingredient list, the more I knew that was what was causing the problem.

I remembered meeting Dolphin Organics at BlogHer 11 and started chatting with them about the issues I was having with the sunscreen I’d been using. They offered to send me a tube to use while on vacation.

After doing a little reading into the minerals used in DO Naturals, I knew it had to be better than what I was using, so I said yes and waited for it to arrive.

DO Naturals uses physical sun blockers Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, which are the recommended ingredients for protecting our skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Both minerals sit on top of the skin to block UVA/B rays instead of being absorbed into the bloodstream like their chemical-block counterparts.

Because the product is aloe-based, a little goes a long way. I was a little shocked at the size of the tube of DO Naturals sunscreen. Only 3 oz? That would last an entire week?

Yes. Two kids. One week. Multiple applications. And the tube wasn’t even close to empty.

Dolphin Organics Naturals Sunscreen Review, Finding Walden

A little really did go a long way. Instead of glopping it up into our hands or onto their skin to apply it, we played connect the dots.

Dot-dot-dot it on the skin, rub it in to to connect them together. By the afternoon on day 2, I heard Joshua telling Dan that he wasn’t applying it correctly and telling his dad how to do it. (No idea where he gets the bossiness from. None at all.)

This is now my go-to sunscreen for our whole family. It’s super safe and incredibly effective. I know our skin is protected.

After a week in the sun, neither Joshua nor Emma had the slightest hint of pink from spending a good portion of each day on the beach. And there were no more dry patches anywhere on their skin! Hooray!

(I can’t say the same for myself because I completely forgot my face one day and Dan tried to use a spray to put sunscreen on his own back. I’ll just let you guess how both of those scenarios turned out.)

If I’m going to be particular about what goes into our bodies, I should be particular about what goes on it, too. I’m happy to have found a sunscreen I trust!

Want to try DO Naturals Sunscreen for yourself or your kids?

DO Naturals Sunscreen Review, Finding Walden

Dolphin Organics is giving away a tube of their DO Naturals Sunscreen to one lucky (US) reader!

There are several ways to enter! You have until 8/23, so get to rafflecoptering. 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Dolphin Organics sent a tube of sunscreen. Which I cannot use to pay my student loans. All opinions here are my own. 

There’s another fun water-related giveaway coming tomorrow that I know you’ll love.
It starts with Apple and ends with Cheeks. 🙂

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Monday 19th of August 2013

Sounds like this could be perfect for our upcoming DR trip!

Molly W.

Friday 16th of August 2013

cool giveaway! I like that it's aloe based.


Friday 16th of August 2013

Oh man, buying sunscreen for my kid is so overwhelming. Our Irish heritage necessitates it, but I'm wary of all the chemicals in most of it. I'm glad to hear Dolphin Organics is a good brand!


Friday 16th of August 2013

Love that its organic & hopefully so much more safe than other random brands.

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Friday 16th of August 2013

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.