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Let’s talk about bras: The Leading Lady Holiday Nursing Collection

Ever since The Plugged Duct Debacle a couple of months ago, I’ve been careful to avoid a recurrence. I do not ever want to feel that again even if what I felt was the tip of the frozen breast milk iceberg. Never ever.

After the plug was cleared, I took a good, long look at my bras, because as it turns out, an ill-fitting bra, especially if that bra is an underwire, is a huge factor in plugged ducts. And 7 out of 10 women are wearing ill-fitting bras. (Seriously, ladies. How many of you still think you’re a 36C??)

I grabbed my seamstress tape and remeasured myself and then headed over to Leading Lady’s Fit Finder. Just as I suspected, another cup size larger. (True story: This makes the third cup size change since Emma was born. Also true story: I was once upon a time a bra fitting “specialist.”)

42F, if you’re curious. Basically, cantaloupes. Which is why I went to Leading Lady. They specialize in full figure bras.

I selected two bras in my new size, one underwire and one wire-free, bought them, and eagerly awaited their arrival. When those bras hit my doorstep, I ripped open the packaging and put them on. Ahhhh.

Then I got an email asking if I’d like to review one of the bras from the Leading Lady Holiday Nursing Collection. Well, yes, yes I would. Because that makes three bras and three bras is the (minimum) right amount of bras. One to wear, one in the drawer, one in the wash. Win.

Because underwire can contribute to plugged ducts (note: when the bra doesn’t fit properly) I wanted another wirefree bra, so I chose this one.

Leading Lady Wirefree Molded Comfort Bra

FYI: That’s not me in the Molded Comfort Wirefree Nursing Bra. I have a strict No Almost-Nude (Or Totally Nude) Photos On The Internet policy, what with the professional licensing required to be a teacher and all. I do, however, own that bra. And I’m wearing it right now.

This is my go-to bra. So go-to, in fact, that I actually LIKE putting it on. It’s like a second skin it’s so comfortable.

It’s a drop-cup bra which means the whole cup folds away when you need to nurse your babe, which is a feature I prefer.

I wore a different bra in our family pictures and had to airbrush out the bra seam. The cup on this one is smooth which means I can wear it under any kind of shirt and there are no weird lumps or seams showing through. Also, no airbrushing.

The lace is a nice, feminine touch. Nursing bras seem so function over form sometimes, especially as they get to my size, so it’s nice when a nursing bra is a pretty. Moms are women, too!

The Leading Lady Holiday Nursing Collection also includes a beautiful lavender lace underwire bra and sleep chemises in pretty polka dots to name only a couple of pieces from the limited edition series. My eyes are on the nightgown, y’all.

Leading Lady Holiday Nursing Collection

While you’re busy shopping for everyone else, be sure to pick up something for yourself, too. From now until the end of January, NSJM readers can take 15% off their order, site-wide, with the code LLHOL3576. (This offer cannot be combined with any other offer and expires January 31, 2013. Also, 2013 is almost here.)

Leading Lady is proud to celebrate “Leading Ladies” everywhere through its products, programs and philanthropic activities. Leading Lady is dedicated to arming new moms with the support – physically, intellectually and emotionally – they need to nurture their babies through breastfeeding and committed to supporting a variety of organizations and issues relevant to women across the country. Follow Leading Lady on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Disclaimer: Leading Lady sent me a bra for review in exchange for me telling y’all about it and sharing a coupon code. They did not send me any opinions and I can’t pay my student loans in bras. Which is sad considering the number of bras I have in my drawers that don’t fit.

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John (Daddy Runs a Lot)

Tuesday 11th of December 2012

For however much I like boobs, and that's a lot, most of this post went right over my head . . . so let me just say that, as a guy with an appreciation for the female form, I don't understand how more women don't have better fitting bras. At least to me, knowing she's comfy is sexy, and I can't picture stuffing sweater pillows into something ill fitting is anywhere near comfy.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.