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US Babyhuddle: Social Shopping

It’s not a secret that I’m a fan of the internet for basically everything: Information, conversation, and my personal favorite, shopping in my rattiest yoga pants.

Seriously. With two kids on opposite nap schedules and cooling weather, online shopping is just how I do things. But it can be overwhelming. Price checking various sites selling the same item, reading reviews, wondering if the thing I’m thinking of buying will please the person who’ll receive it.

So when I was asked to nose around Babyhuddle, my interested was piqued.

Babyhuddle is the leading social baby shop…

[W]e set ourselves the objective to build a site where parents can be comfortable soliciting suggestions and sharing product recommendations between themselves. From browsing each other’s lists of products and answering their questions, parents will find all the information they need within this fun and supportive community. We’ve also ensured that you can find a huge range of cool products at great prices.

Essentially, Babyhuddle is an online marketplace like Amazon, and its listings are culled from other retailers to whom you are redirected when you make your purchases. But because it’s tailored to baby/toddler/kid/Mama products, you won’t search for teething products and get recommendations for denture creams.

The social aspect of shopping is what makes Babyhuddle different.

Want to know if a product is battle-tested? Ask a question.

Have experience with a product on the site and think it’d help another mom? Answer a question and make a suggestion!

The question-answer section of Babyhuddle is where the site differs from other marketplaces. It’s what makes the site better.

When it comes to shopping on Babyhuddle, there are two options: Traditional category browsing (effective and…traditional) or browsing the popular lists created by Babyhuddle users (cool and innovative).

I love lists. I don’t sleep much these days, so I’m always forgetting things. Making lists helps me not forget things. And looking at the lists that other moms have made gives me new ideas and points out things I may not have thought about.

My first list is one for green baby products that I’ve both tried and want to try.

My next list(s)? Christmas!

Babyhuddle used to be a UK-only site, but not anymore! The Babyhuddle US launch is TODAY! Sign up now and help build a site by moms, for moms!

Disclaimer: I was compensated by Babyhuddle for a review of their site. That compensation did not buy my opinion of their site, nor is this intended to be a review of the products for sale on their site. The balance on my student loans remains unchanged.

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Friday 9th of November 2012

Thanks so much for the fabulous review- we're so glad you like and Babyhuddle! xx

the grumblies j

Thursday 8th of November 2012

GAH. I am loving this idea. I can see so many ways this would be useful.


Thursday 8th of November 2012

I've seen this Babyhuddle thing on a couple of sites today. I'm going to have to check it out!

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