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Macy’s Pink Pig

In keeping with the recent theme of finding the cool things to do here and then doing them, this weekend we ventured into town to check out an Atlanta holiday staple.

The Macy’s Pink Pig tradition started in 1953 when Macy’s was still Rich’s. (Remember them?)

As people moved out of the city, department stores looked for ways to draw suburban dwellers back into the city to do their holiday shopping. Thus, the Pink Pig was born.

Rich's Pink Pig

The original Pink Pig

The Pink Pig was a ride through the Rich’s toy store. The ride told the story of Priscilla the Pink Pig and became a holiday tradition. While the ride and location have changed, that tradition continues today.

I first heard of the Pink Pig three years ago, so when we were invited to attend the opening day of Macy’s Pink Pig in downtown Atlanta, and because Joshua loves trains, and the Pink Pig supports Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, I pretty much couldn’t say no. It’s what Atlantans are supposed to do, right?

(For the record, I’m a Respecter of the Turkey. But this was a fun family event that I couldn’t pass up. So I didn’t.)

We got up early Saturday morning and ventured out of the suburbs and into the city. Joshua was very, very 3 and Emma was cute and drool-y.

Macy's Pink Pig sign

Macy's Pink Pig. Priscilla says Hey, y'all!

Pink treats at the Pink Pig

Um, hi, cupcakes and cookies. Please get in my mouth now.

cupcakes for breakfast

He didn't really earn this cupcake. But we let him eat it anyway. Parenting fail? Maybe. Oh well.

Balloon hat

Cheese! And popcorn! And he's still wearing this balloon hat four days later.

Pink Pig Photo

Taking this picture of a picture took way longer than I thought. But? Priscilla!! And look at Joshua's cheese face!!

While Joshua was a little…okay, very, very 3, (yes, it bears repeating) we had fun. We got out of the house, saw some of the city, and then everyone took a nap! (Everyone. As in all four of us. As in that never happens.)

Rides on the Pink Pig are $3.50 and the Pink Pig is open now at Macy’s at Lenox. But back to that Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta thing for a minute.

CHOA is a one of the nation’s leading children’s care provider networks. It’s also a not-for-profit.

That means children’s needs you.

And you need breakfast with Priscilla the Pink Pig.

You’re in luck!

On November 16th, and again on December 15th, you and your family can have breakfast with Priscilla the Pink Pig and help CHOA at the same time.

Pink Pig

Breakfast attendees will receive: breakfast (pink pancakes!!!), a ride on the Pink Pig, and pictures with Priscilla with a complimentary photo like the one above (plus 4 wallets, but I didn’t really think you needed the same pic 5 times).

Space is limited, so you do have to make reservations!

The Pink Pig is a fun Atlanta tradition that helps CHOA help kids make traditions, y’all!

Go! Eat! Ride! Have fun!

Balloon Hat

Emma says Go ride the Pink Pig!

Disclosure: I am a member of the Everywhere Society and Everywhere provided me with compensation for this post about Macy’s.  However, all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.

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angela king

Tuesday 30th of October 2012

this looks like so much fun! i've never heard of the pink pig but i have heard of rich's. :)

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