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BlogHer HangovHer

I didn’t even drink this year at BlogHer and y’all, the HangovHer is strong with me. I had all of these grand plans to post oldies each day and I did that on Thursday and then I was a miserable fail at that for the rest of my trip because there was no time. All of my muscles ache from walking and there is exhaustion in my bones. Last night I was so tired I felt like my skin was buzzing so I went to bed at 9:30 and as soon as I hit “publish” on this, I’m crawling into bed. My hair hasn’t been washed since Saturday. I don’t even care.

I have no less than 394820 things I want to write and at least that many loads of laundry to wash. (Or just 2. Whatev.) I want to snuggle my best boy for 5 days and sleep and recuperate from the craziness that was BlogHer with a baby.

I need a massage, 3 gallons of coffee, a full night’s sleep (HAHAHA), several good meals, and did I say a massage? Let’s throw in a pedicure for good measure.

When it comes to BlogHer, you have to take the bad with the very, very good. Because despite all the tired, there’s a fullness in my soul after being around my people.

I got chills as the President addressed conference attendees on Thursday. I teared up as we gathered for breakfast and listened to the opening keynote, moved by the feeling of excitement in a room of so many bloggers in one place. I saw a new city. I spent time with friends.

Getting face time with the people who live inside my computer 360 days a year is such a good reminder that real connections are made on the internet.

Real connections. Real people. Real fun. And maybe that’s cheesy as Hell, but it’s true.

I’ve come away from this conference inspired to tell more stories in this space. To speak out about the issues that matter to me more vocally than I have in the past. To make the time to write more often. To figure out what it is I’m doing here and then JUST DO IT.

But first, I need my skin to stop buzzing and that only goes away with more sleep. And maybe some CheeseburgHers.

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Tuesday 7th of August 2012

It was so wonderful meeting you, and your dimple, and your baby girl, even if time was limited.

I'm still exhausted from the festivities, and I was only there half of the time, and wasn't carting around a baby, so I can only imagine where you are. But, still, truly great to see you :-)


Monday 13th of August 2012

It was totally wonderful to meet you! You're way taller than I thought. Not that I thought you were short, but way taller!

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