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I (mostly) respect the turkey

People, Thanksgiving is a big deal to me. But so are Christmas cards. So when Shutterfly contacted me this year, I nearly jumped at the chance to work with them again.

We didn’t always send out Christmas cards when I was growing up. The one time I remember us sending out cards, Mama ordered them from the school and put my younger brother’s name before mine on the inside. And I was a petulant brat about it.

When I moved out on my own at the tender age of 19 and knew I’d spend most of the Christmas holiday alone in a two-bedroom apartment thanks to a real job that kept me there until Christmas Eve, I decided to make the place more festive by putting up a tree. A REAL one. That I paid for with money I earned tutoring a boy in biology and brought home in the trunk of a Corolla.

I also decided to send out Christmas cards on my own for the first time ever. And I’ve sent Christmas cards ever since then.

This year, I’ve narrowed my choices down to 5 of Shutterfly’s Holiday Card choices. And when I say “narrowed down” I mean these are the front runners until we have family pictures made and I can actually decide which card I like best based on important things like which one of my choices best corresponds with our outfits. (And believe me–Shutterfly has a choice for that.)

No. None of these are me or my family. Also? HOW DO YOU DECIDE??

Know what else I like about Shutterfly? If you’re a complete holiday slacker, you can skip the Christmas (or Hannukah) greeting and just send a New Year’s card instead.

(Yes. I’m serious about the New Year’s card. Better late than never, people. And since it’s holiday appropriate it’s not actually late. And you’re being original.)

Even better than awesome holiday cards are awesome holiday cards THAT THREE OF YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY FOR.

Yep. That’s right.

THREE readers are going to win 25 cards (each) from the Shutterfly holiday collection.

Entering is simple. Head over to Shutterfly and then come back here and leave a link to the card you’d choose if you won. Easy peasy. Except not. Because they have so many choices and all of those choices are great.

For additional entries, you can tweet the following once a day:

‘Tis the season! Enter to win 25 holiday greeting cards from @Shutterfly & @notsuperjustmom.

Be sure to leave a separate comment each time you tweet (once daily, maximum, please).

Winners will be chosen using on Sunday, October 30th at or around naptime (1 EST) and announced that afternoon!

In addition to the giveaway with three winners I’ve got going on here, if you’re a blogger, Shutterfly wants you. For your chance at 25 free cards this holiday season, register here:

Good luck!

FTC: I was given 50 cards from Shutterfly’s holiday collection in exchange for this post. Having been a loyal, paying customer of Shutterfly’s in the past, I can assure you that the opinions expressed here are my own. Especially that part about that time I was a petulant brat. Also? My student loans remain unpaid.

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