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Here’s a smattering of the goings on in our house lately:

Shoes. In the middle of the floor. Because that’s where Joshua is when he wants to take them off and that’s where they stay when he DOES take them off. As well as socks.

And speaking of shoes, the child has an opinion about his footwear. Today there was a complete meltdown in the middle of a Stride Rite because we needed to try a shoe on him and he did not want to try on said shoe. And when I say meltdown, I mean sobbing, crocodile tears and not the bang-your-head-on-the-floor variety.

And he has an opinion about his clothing. And whether or not he gets to take a bath or a shower. And probably “why the sea is boiling hot and whether pigs have wings.” (10 points to you if you get that last reference without Googling. I’m teaching poetry right now and that’s your only clue.)

Joshua NEEDS everything. For instance:

“I need juice.” followed by “No, I need blue Car cup juice, not yellow cup juice.”

This whole cup thing? Makes me nuts.

“I need play games.”

This is how he asks for my iPhone. I ignore this. Then he says “May I play games, please?” like a little human and I give in because I taught him to ask nicely and now I can’t crush him. These are the only manners he uses consistently!

“I need take shower.”

Which means one of us has to shower with him, whether or not one of us needs a shower.

“I need build castles.”

Which really means he wants to take all of the blocks out of the tote, build something tall, and then knock it over.

“I need go outside.”

Which means one of us has to go outside. And push him around the cul-de-sac on his bicycle. How in the world do you teach a kid to ride a bike??

“I need watch Wiggles.”

Dumbest kids’ show ever. And I’m convinced those men go “My life facking SUCKS! I was supposed to be a ROCK STAR!” when the cameras stop rolling.

“I need Marwies.”

That’s Smarties in toddler-speak.

“I need listen Itsy Spider.”

We listen to this song on repeat. And Dan is less annoyed by this than he is my Glee soundtracks. Something is awry there.

“I need that ______________.”

Insert the color of whatever object he “needs” and doesn’t have a name for. Like “I need that yellow” and it’s really a jug of laundry detergent or something ridiculous.

Most of the time, these “needs” come rapid-fire and we haven’t had an opportunity to meet one of them before he already “needs” something different. Or he repeats what he needs over and over and over until he’s acknowledged.

And then there are the conversations, like this one he had with Dan the other night while I was in class:

Dan: How about a grilled cheese for dinner?
Joshua: How bout Goldfish?
Dan: No, how about a grilled cheese?
Joshua: How bout no?


What the what? Where did he get so sassy!?! (Don’t answer that, Mama.)

I thought I had more time before he got a personality and his own wants and desires and thoughts and opinions! He is his own little person and he’s growing up so fast, y’all.

It makes my heart happy-sad.

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Thursday 20th of October 2011

We have the cup fight daily. And if you don't head her request, you'll end up with milk spilled all over the table.

And last night it got better. She added dammit to her vocabulary.


Wednesday 19th of October 2011

.... and your little one on the way will do this sooner b/c he/she will HAVE TO keep up with big brother.

My oldest is the most laid back go with the flow kid ever. My youngest HAS to keep up with big bro so he's a little ahead of his age. I have a love/hate relationship with this. The little one has an opinion on his shoes because they have to look with brother's. He has to use a cup because brother does.... not a sippy cup.

I can't only imagine how #3 will be. :)


Wednesday 19th of October 2011

"How about no" made me spit out my coffee.

How to we go about teaching our kids that "just because you're asking nicely doesn't mean you get what you want?" Because that's a real issue for me right now. We don't have a tantrum when they demand to watch a movie or have me read a book or ask to play with my iPhone . . . no - they ask nicely (P p p from the boy and "BAH" for the girl . . . we have no idea how a 16 month old equated "Please" to "BAH," but we take what we can get - both are always accompanied by the sign-language signs for "please"), and then when we still say no, we get the crocodile tear, body on the ground tantrum.


And you get to get over this with one just to deal with a second (sorry, not the point of this comment, but someone, just the other day, told me that "things get better" as I was cleaning up the bathtub, yet again, so I have a bit of schadenfreude going on)


Wednesday 19th of October 2011

Oh, and the quote was from the Walrus & the Carpenter, right?


Monday 17th of October 2011

HAHAHA....welcome to the Sassy Pant Era. We actually dub Chunky Mr. Sass. He has an opinion and preference about everything. Sometimes it's cute like "Oh you want to wear those blazing orange swim trunks with a red sweater? Didn't you know it's like 20 degrees out? Oh you do know? Ok then wear them" It's just them asserting their independance. Oh and brace yourself... It only gets worse.


Tuesday 18th of October 2011

Sass. I mean, it's not like he doesn't come by it honest from me. But already?

And the sass over what he wears? Yowza.


Sunday 16th of October 2011

And welcome to the troublesome three's! It does get better.


Tuesday 18th of October 2011

Oh, I know it'll get better. Or his needs will just get more expensive.

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