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Hope y’all don’t mind that I took the weekend to have a little Blogcation. I mean, I figure if there’s ever a time for me to take a blogcation is a long weekend where people are more interested in blowing things up and celebrating our freedom than, say, some random other time.

(Though, if we’re being factual, we didn’t get our independence from Great Britain until September 3, 1783 and while the Declaration of Independence is a wonderfully written and important document in our nation’s history, it probably made the King laugh.)

(Don’t call me Anti-American because I know my history and that document. I wrote about it last year, too. On this same day, no less.)

Anyway, I took a few days to just BE and they were good for me and kind to me. Mostly. I mean, there was that whole no-coffee thing yesterday that made me near homicidal. But all in all, I’ve enjoyed my little Blogcation.

I’ll be back to regular posting soon-ish and I’ve got a train table tutorial and a million posts about how nervous I am about BlogHer coming.

Stay tuned, people. Stay tuned.


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Thursday 28th of April 2016

Your worth is everything you assign to yourself.No excuse to party? You don’t need one. Any excuse is an excuse. Life is an excuse. Waking up today was an excuse. When your friend misses you so much that she looks up your blog to see if you’ve been up to anything, that’s an excuse. I’d throw you a party, if I could. -A


Wednesday 6th of July 2011

Train table tutorial? :rubs hands together in anticipation:

We've been debating getting a train table for Gabe. I can't decide if it would be fun to watch how much he would love it or if we would just go crazy from overfeeding the train addiction.

Have a good Blogcation!


Wednesday 6th of July 2011

Blogcations are good for the soul. Recharge the batteries and such... Besides... we miss you when you're not here... and we will be oh so very happy when you return!!


Alison@Mama Wants This

Wednesday 6th of July 2011

I took a Blogcation too! It felt good!

Can't wait for your million posts to come!

Rach (DonutsMama)

Tuesday 5th of July 2011

Blogcations are good things. Take all the time you need. I can't wait to read the BlogHer posts!!

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