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I feel all super awesome right now

Guess who the Modern Bird Studios Weekly Blogger Interviewee is this week.

Yeah. That’d be me.


What is Modern Bird Studios, you ask? They are super cool art for your home. I like to think of them as the “little black dress” of art because their pieces will match any home decor style.

Modern Bird Art would make an AWESOME Mother’s Day present, and the deadline to order and be guaranteed delivery by Mother’s Day is TODAY.

I also think Modern Bird Art would make a fantastic graduation present for the person heading off to college this fall. It’s so much more awesome than a photo frame with the high school mascot, because we all know that once you graduate and go to college, it’s complete lamesauce to take high school stuff with you.

Modern Bird art would also make a great “welcome to the real world” gift for the person graduating from college and embarking on the daily 9 to 5 for (maybe) the first time.


As a ridiculously awesome wedding present, you could purchase a gift certificate for the newlyweds so they can immortalize their favorite wedding photo forever and ever in a totally unique way. (I actually think this would make an AWESOME wedding present, and wedding season IS descending upon us with lightning speed.)

Modern Bird ALSO has a kid’s line called Mod Tots. Seriously. Go look at the Mod Tots offerings and then come back here and try to tell me you don’t want a ridiculously awesome robot or monster for YOUR tot’s room.

(Know what I really super love about Mod Tots? The robots and monsters are definitely boy-friendly, and if you’re a Boy Mom, you know how hard it is to find good boy decor that isn’t sports or trains. Not that there’s anything wrong with sports or trains.)

Basically, I think that Modern Bird Studios is pretty awesome. And I’m freaking pumped to be their Weekly Interviewee today. If you want to read about what I think is lamesauce, or how a Care Bears lunch box can save the day, head over there and leave me some love.

(P.S. Modern Bird Studios didn’t ask me to write this post about their goods. And I don’t own any pieces of Modern Bird Art. Yet. But one day? You bet your biscuits a piece of theirs will adorn my walls. And Megan and Gregg are awesome, and you are awesome, so just consider me a matchmaker for awesome people. BOOM.)

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Friday 22nd of April 2011

Congrats. Heading over

Megan (Modern Bird Studios)

Friday 22nd of April 2011

What a sweet write up! Thank you so much!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.