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Always be my baby

I realized today as I was talking to my bestie Erin that the updates about Joshua’s goings-on have been slim around here. Mama Fail for that.

Not quite sure what happened there since the title of this blog indicates that I should be talking about mom-ming.


Recently, “gos” have become “gohfees.” (Goldfish for those of you not speaking toddler.)

He says “Nih nih, Mama” after naming the pictures in Goodnight Moon, including but not limited to the door on the doll house, the “booshehhhhhhh” (bookshelf), the giraffe, and the triangle on the back cover.

He loves Spiderman. And Dora. And Diego.

And “baybaw” (basketballs) and “foohbaw” (football) and “raycah” (racecars).

He counts to 10, sometimes skipping from 4 to 8 and then coming back to 5, 6, and 7.

He sings songs. Or parts of them. When he wakes up in the morning, I hear him singing “Hold Stiiiiiiiiiiiill” over the monitor.

He calls himself “Joshie,” so we do too.

Yesterday I caught him dancing. Just a little bit. But he was dancing.

When he sees something that intrigues him in a happy way, his eyebrows raise up a little bit and his mouth forms this little slightly upturned O. I think he’s smizing in a way that Tyra herself can only hope to one day master.

I was holding him for a minute while I got ready this morning and he was playing with my necklace. He dropped it and it fell underneath my hair and he goes digging through my hair saying “Where ih go?” the whole time he was trying to find it.

When he found it he said “Nehnace. Mama nehnace.”

That he associates this necklace with me? Amazing. Truly. In the kind of way that I don’t know if I can adequately put into words.

I am quickly realizing that my child? Is a child. He isn’t a baby anymore. Not even close.

He is full of wonder and curiosity and seeing that fills my heart with joy.

I could try for a million years and never fully express the way I feel when that boy nuzzles his face into my neck and just IS.

I love that boy.

Times infinity plus one million.

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Friday 29th of April 2011

They grow up way, way too fast. I love the toddler talk! My husband never understands a word my son says, so I'm his translater. But I think it's adorable.

Also? My son is OBSESSED is Yo Gabba Gabba, so naturally we love that song too!


Friday 29th of April 2011

it's so true. they are kids. not babies. not even toddlers. we have kids.

when did this happen?


Friday 29th of April 2011

It happened "while we were sleeping."

Jenn @ Middle of Mommyhood

Friday 29th of April 2011

I love that kid. I really, really do. And I'm so proud of all the brilliant things he does...but I kind of want him to stay a baby, if we're being honest. It is AWESOME that he's growing into such a precious big kid, even if it is a little bittersweet.


Friday 29th of April 2011

I want him to stay a baby, too. I do. But I'm loving all these things he's showing me these days.


Friday 29th of April 2011

Totally sharing in your sighs of happiness. I sometimes miss mine being that little. I vividly recall a day when Meg was almost 2. She was letting everyone know she knew their names. I'd point, say "Who's that" She'd answer, "Nana." "What's her name, "Sannie (Sandy), "Granma Osie (Josie)" Nana points to me and says "What's her name?" She says. "Paulette" Nana, "Who is she?" Meg, "Mommy."

That he knows that necklace isn't just a necklace but is yours is awesome!!


Friday 29th of April 2011

Ha! So cute that she called you by your first name instead of Mama! Love their faces!


Friday 29th of April 2011

I get that feeling all.the.time. It's amazing but freaks me out at the same time.


Friday 29th of April 2011

Happy sighs. I love my little guy.

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