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Yay! It’s my birthday! So I’m giving you stuff.

Dear sweet Jesus, WHY did “Fid-dy” have to write the only song in the English (sort of English) language that features the word “birthday” aside from that one that might get me fined by some dead ladies who hold the copyright to that other one that restaurants can’t sing? **I’ve been told twice now that The Beatles also have a birthday song. Theirs is way more to my liking than either of these.

Or better yet, WHY did his song have to be THE hit song the year I turned 21, forever etching itself into my memory?

And even better than that, has it really been EIGHT YEARS since I turned 21 and went out on the town with A and A and then to Destin for Spring Break?

Why, yes. Yes it has.


29 years ago my Mama pushed me into this world with a shot of Demerol and a prayer.

Thank you, Mama.

And now, 29 years later, I’m getting shorted an hour on my birthday thanks to DST. (If I lived in Arizona I’d get to celebrate the full 24 hours, but their refusal to comply with the rest of the country is really neither here nor there.)


Or? I could say “YAY. Happy birthday to me! I love y’all so much there’s a giveaway happening here!”

Which is what I’m going to say.

Because I do love y’all and there IS a giveaway happening here.

(See how giving and awesome I am? It’s my birthday and I’m giving Ellie’s giving y’all stuff!)

Yes, people, it’s true. Ellie of Shining Stones, an NSJM sponsor and wonderful woman extraordinaire, is giving away a $35 credit to her Etsy shop in honor of my birthday.

Look at the pretties! You know you want one! I already own three! And I’ve got my eye on about a dozen more! Like the handstamped line! (LOVE!) Or the Sea, Sun, and Sky necklace. (I love stars. Did you know that?) Or The Big Pearl ring, which is one I already own, because DUH. I’m a good Southern girl.

I love her stuff! So much. And her, too. She’s a pretty rocking woman with a rocking blog and a rocking mission.

So, want to win your very own piece (or two!) of Shining Stones jewelry? Here’s what you need to do:


1. Visit Ellie’s Etsy shop, Shining Stones, and come back and tell me
which item you’d gift me with if this were all about me. ::ahem::
Please leave a comment to let us know which piece is your favorite.


2. “Like” this post on Facebook by clicking the “Like” button right below here.
Leave a comment to let me know you “liked” the giveaway.

3. “Like” NSJM on Facebook:
Leave a comment to let me know you’re now following/liking NSJM.
If you’re already following, leave a comment to let me know!

4. Sign up for Shining Stones’ newsletter. She sends coupons and talks about upcoming new items!
Go here: and sign up.
Leave a comment letting us know you signed up!

5. Tweet this giveaway.
I’m celebrating @notsuperjustmom’s birthday by entering to win $35 shop credit to Shining Stones (@onecraftyellie).

Feel free to Tweet once a day and leave a comment each time you tweet letting me know!

Giveaway will close at 8:00 p.m March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day! YAY!).

Winner will be chosen via and will be announced on Friday morning.
Winner will have 48 hours to claim the shop credit or a new winner will be selected.

Yay! Happy Birthday to me!

The Legal Stuff: I have received no items in compensation for this giveaway. Contrary to popular belief, sometimes nice people do nice things. Like Ellie. Who is a nice person doing a nice thing here. I do, however, own several of Ellie’s pieces and my opinion of these pieces is that they are fantastic. And no one paid me to say that. As has been previously stated, the only amount of money that would buy my opinion is a sum equal to or greater than that of my outstanding student loan debt. Does anyone even read this?

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The definition of my life right now.

Thursday 17th of March 2011

[...] and go enter my birthday giveaway, please and thank you. I love giving you stuff for my birthday.) Cancel [...]


Thursday 17th of March 2011

And I already am subscribed to Ellie's newsletter - does that count? :)


Thursday 17th of March 2011

I have 2 of Ellie's rings I wear all the time! I think I'd like another - the Smoky Swarovski Crystal wire wrapped ring.


Wednesday 16th of March 2011

I love that pearl ring!


Wednesday 16th of March 2011

i LOVE the "fly away home" necklace!

plus also? ou could go live in hawaii. they don't do DST either. =)

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