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“Blessed are they who have the gift of friends…”

I am blessed, people.  Blessed beyond measure when it comes to the friends in my life.

Today was a so-so day at work.  My freshmen are about to drive me insane. My juniors do not believe me when I tell them that my final exam is notoriously not easy.  Neither set of students seems to understand that when I say “You need to study” I mean THEY NEED TO STUDY instead of talking to each other about anything and everything EXCEPT MY FINAL EXAM.

And then I got to daycare and Joshua didn’t want to leave.  He was entirely content to stay there.  I was not, obviously, content to leave him there.  So I didn’t.  And he started screaming at me the minute I put him in the car.


Why has he started this? Does he not know that his crying/screaming is a trigger that makes my blood pressure skyrocket and impairs my ability to think clearly whilst operating our vehicle!?!?  No!?!?  Could someone please let him know that, please!?!?!

Anyway, we made it home after a quick stop at the grocery store and I hopped out of the car to check the mail.  In the mailbox I found a few flyers, a Chinese take-out menu, a coupon, and a bubble-wrap mailing envelope.

It was a gift from sweet Katie and her family to Joshua, along with a note and a Christmas card that is now at home on my bookshelf.

Oooh, what is this??

That sweet little Eddie Sluiter sent Joshua a copy of Green Hat, Blue Hat!

I can’t wait to read it to him.  I’m excited to have a new book to add into our rotation.  I think books are Joshua’s favorite toys.

And because I’m a good Mama and I’m trying to teach him his manners, Joshua said “Thank You” to Eddie (sort of…after I got him to point out the animals and then tricked him…) and I got it on video (and I do not know why his cheeks are so red…).  So, of course, I’m going to share it with y’all.  Halfway through the video he starts asking for cheese since it was dinner time and then he wanted to play Shapes on the iPhone. 

And Katie, you can consider the fact that I’m about to put my accent all over the internet your gift from me to you, mmkay??  🙂

Beyond being excited to have a new book to read to Joshua, I’m excited to have such a wonderful friend in Katie.  A friend I’ve technically never met but who is a constant source of strength and encouragement.  I’m glad to call her friend.

Merry Christmas, Sluiter Nation.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.