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Top Ten Tuesday–The Internet Christmas edition!

Y’all, I’m so excited for this Top Ten Tuesday. Seriously.  So, so excited.  When I learned that this week’s topic is our Christmas wish lists, internet style, I squee’ed.  (Yes, I totally did.)

I know it’s not about getting stuff.  I know the true meaning of Christmas is that it’s the “birth” of our Saviour. (It’s the chosen day we celebrate his birth because of how close it is to a pagan holiday. Y’all know it may not actually be his actual birthday, right?)

Christmas is hard for me. I put a great deal of thought into the gifts I get for the people I care about because I want them to have gifts that they will love forever and ever. Like XM radio.  (Y’all, please remind me to tell you the XM radio story.  Please.  It’s a good one.)

Anyway, sometimes I’m disappointed because sometimes the gifts I get in return aren’t useful.  (Dan, please read: THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU. I LOVE YOU.)

But, the cool thing about today’s Top Ten is that it takes most of the thinking out of things for those who are doing any sort of shopping for me.  (And if you’re a Crafty Crafter ::coughMOMcoughcough:: feel free to give these items a whirl of your own.  Especially the bench.)

Here goes.

First things first, I’m a sucker for all things girly and hand made.  Seriously.  A sucker. (And maybe even seersucker, too…)

1.  How cute is this fabric flower ring from Torie at 25Design? Adorable, right?  Right.  I totally think so.  I’ve gotten really into right-hand rings lately as a way to up my game in the not-frumpy teacher department.  They add a little pizazz to my outfits and I am liking a little pizazz.  When I look good, I feel good.  When I feel good, I’m a better teacher.
2.  Next up? This Little Love Nest Ring from Ellie of Shining Stones (who just so happens to be one of NSJM’s lovely sponsors!)  Since I already own two of her rings, I know I’d be wearing an item of impeccable quality and crafstmanship.  And it’s daintily feminine and silver, so it’d go with everything, just like a good set of pearls.  The versatility alone makes it a great buy!

3.  I have wanted to get my hands on some Gussy since I first saw her ruffles on Twitter.  I. Love. Her. Stuff.  It’s ADORABLE.  And girly.  And me.  This Chatty Gus pouch?  My iPhone needs it.  It is practically crying out for it right now as we speak.  The Chatty Gus would be immensely helpful in protecting my phone while it’s in the Black Hole (aka my hobo-style handbag). 

4.  An Amy Butler print key fob from Anna Carrie Baby.  (Yes, Anna Carrie Baby is a sponsor.  Rebecca’s also a great, great friend of mine.)  My keys often get lost in the aforementioned Black Hole.  Something like this would help me located them more quickly when I’m juggling Joshua, groceries, and a coffee mug or two.  Plus? the little fob could slip over my wrist so I’d have a free-er hand to carry things.

5.  This cute-y little thing?  This, I didn’t know I wanted until I started browsing the fantastic timesuck that is Etsy.  This is a Mini Shopper Notepad Clutch from Sew Fantastic.  I feel like this is the answer to the mystery of the universe.  I am a coupon clipper.  We try to stay to a budget. But I often find that random coupons and receipts are floating around the Black Hole.  This handy little pop of color would keep everything in it’s place with a place for every thing.  I. Love. It.

6.  I tweeted out earlier that I had been sucked into Etsy between classes today.  (And my lunch break. And my planning period.  ::sigh::)  And then a follower friend tweeted back that she had an Etsy shop. So I checked it out. And lo and behold?! An eco-friendly reusable coffee cozy for my growing addiction to Starbucks.  SWOON.  I love the blue and red and the birdies.  So pretty.  Get your own with Eleri Designs.

These next few items are items that would greatly improve the appearance of my home.  I have places picked out for all of them.  Or at least a general idea of where I’d like them all to go. 

(Bench by Joce Designs on Etsy.)

7.  We…okay, I…have been looking for a bench to go in our “mud room” entry from the garage.  Just a place to drop bags, take off shoes, store blankets/excess stuff.  Something like this, in a dark chocolate brown to match our other furniture, would be perfect.  I’d put a shelf above it and some coat hooks and we’d finally have a place to put our things.

The next three items are items that would look fantastic on our walls not because they are expensive pieces of art but because each piece has a message.  A good message, at that.  And I think the three of them would look great in my living room, in a grouping above a location I’ve scoped out for a small, high table (right where the coffee table is now…which is not in the middle of the floor…).

8.  I love this.  Love it.  I love these “Family Rules” and they are rules that I can honestly say I’d love my family to live by.  This seller, Signs of Vintage, has another sign with similar rules.  Either would be perfect.  I just love the sentiment behind these Family Rules.  To me, they speak to the harmony of a home.

9.  Oh, Mr. Henry David Thoreau, you wise, wise man.  In another life, I was a Transcendental.  I think we need a reminder to simplify our lives. To slow down and soak it all in.  I know I do.  I definitely do.  I get too wrapped up in the GoGoGO of every day and bouncing between home and work and Joshua and Dan and friends that I forget to just BE. This? Would help.  Plaque can be found here, courtesy of Kris and Chris Plaques.

Etsy Seller: Katie Cat Creations

10.  I first saw these neat things when I was 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant and waddling my way around an outdoor shopping mall in an attempt at coercing Joshua to make an exit from his cozy home in my uterus.  And I’ve been fascinated by them ever since.  People take photos of letters found in architecture and then string them together to create words.  I want one with our last name.  (No, our last name is not create.)  I will frame these photos myself. And then I will hang this somewhere near our bookshelves.  Or perhaps perch it atop one of our bookshelves. I think this is so neat.

So, there’s my Top Ten Tuesday Christmas List–Internet Edition. What’s on your list?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.