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Super Sunday. Yes, I’m starting a meme.

My frame of mind today is not being helped by the fact that my child has been up since 6:00 this morning (new time, not old, but 7:00 is still early for a Sunday) and has decided he will not eat food and wants to wear one shoe and be carried around the house pointing out things he wants but can’t have (the coffee table book by Reinhold Messner…the box of brownies in the pantry…the flashlight…).

Dan also had to work which meant I flew solo with the cranky toddler child who walked around with an empty tissue box on his foot for the greater part of the morning.

So, yeah.  HOW ABOUT A MEME?? Enter Super Sunday!!

Since all I’m reading about anywhere is how much people with children hate Daylight Savings Time, I’ve decided to do a Super Sunday post to try and salvage my rapidly deteriorating sanity.

Here goes:

First of all, I woke up to a new blog design this morning. And I love it. In fact, I’m pretty sure I checked to see what it looked like while Dan was giving Joshua some milk this morning (in the hopes that he’d go back to sleep.  No dice. Obviously.)  Say hello to the new Not Super…Just Mom courtesy of Designs by Dana.

Designs By Dana

I won a giveaway of hers which netted me a new header, background, and blog button. So grab my button and leave a comment letting me know what you think of the new design. And then head over to Dana’s site and get a new layout of your own. Because she’s awesome. And I owe her a million, billion thanks for being such a difficult customer.

The next thing on our Super agenda once we finally got up? Coffee.

How do I love thee, Starbucks? Let me count the ways.

We warmed up the car and went to Starbucks. I ended up with a smaller coffee than I anticipated even though I ordered a grande. I though that was the biggest size.  Apparently it wasn’t.  Oh well. It was plenty.  And if you haven’t had their cinnamon swirl coffee cake, get some.  You’ll thank me.  I got a piece for me and a piece for Joshua and he didn’t eat his. So I did.  Delicious.

Please disregard the dust on my fireplace screen.  Please.

Another super thing about today?  The fire I built all by my onesies (savvy?).  I love a good fire.  Love. And it was cold in here this morning so I decided to take it upon myself to build a fire.

MOM! It’s US!

Yet another thing that’s making my Sunday super? I didn’t lose my iPhone like I thought on Friday night. Which allows me to continue to take ridiculous photos like this one.

It’s taken me over three hours to complete this post because of Toddler meltdown and husband’s return home from work and subsequent trip to Arby’s for lunch.  So I’m irritated because I lost my focus mid-way through this post.


There is a nap in my future, which is ALWAYS super.  And perhaps a trip to this place:

So, Super Sunday?  Link up.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.