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I give up on respecting the turkey. Totally.

Y’all. I’ve tried. I’ve tried hard. But I can’t not think about Christmas.  I have to make a calendar for my Mom of Joshua’s year.  (Looking for a gift idea? That makes a great one. I think it was my Mom’s favorite gift last year.)

I’m blaming all this Christmas talk on Katie and Lauren.

And Shutterfly and their awesome Christmas cards.
Y’all, I love getting and sending Christmas cards.  They are the last lone vestigial organs of the USPS.  People don’t send REAL mail anymore and that’s sad. So when the opportunity to send Christmas cards comes around, I get super excited.  I don’t think I’ve missed a single year of sending out Christmas cards since I moved out of my parents house way back in 2001.  Even if everyone was all “Uhh…this single chick is sending me a card. WEIRD.”  And my mom NEVER sent Christmas cards (except that one year when she bought cards from some kid at church and put my LITTLE brother’s name before mine and I felt shafted because I was older. Sorry mom.)

Now that I have a family and an adorable kid?

I am not missing out on the opportunity to show people how cute he is.

I mean, seriously, y’all.


And now that we have a photographer in the area who also happens to be the husband of a great friend of mine?  We have great family photos to send out to our friends and family, too.  And for some reason unbeknownst to me, Blogger is not letting me load up one of our family photos to show you just how awesome our pictures were.

So now the question is how do we choose the right photo?  Do we just choose the one with only a picture of Joshua in it?  Do I pick a card that has a family picture?  Do I pick a card that has multiple photos?

I don’t know.

I try to think back to the ones we’ve received in the past that we’ve liked the most and it’s hard to say because there are some cards that I’ve displayed for years. Literally.

I used to be very anti-photocards, opting instead for something with a handwritten signature and maybe a small note regarding my wishes for the upcoming year. But y’all, my kid is CUTE. I want to show him off. And now?  Now there are far too many cards to choose from. And far LESS time to spend writing notes to people with whom I only exchange Christmas cards.

Shutterfly has some fantastic options. Like this one: Super cute picture of not my child and this one: Another cute picture of not my family.  And then there’s one with glitter, which my friend Jenn assures me glitter  is always a winner.

(And let me also go on to say that when I do choose a card? I will also have to choose a matching address label to go along with the card.  Because, I mean, I’m Southern.  Things are supposed to be all neat and coordinated here. And I like that with Shutterfly, I can get my cards and address labels in the same place!)

But I cannot decide.  There is a distinct chance I will do what I did last year and send multiple Christmas cards out.


What cards do YOU like receiving? Whole family? Just the kids? Handwritten note? .

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.