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So, I’ve only been on two vacations in my life

Katie over at Sluiter Nation (who’ll be hanging out over here tomorrow for the last post in my Hellmonth series) started this thing called Top Ten Tuesday.  I like it.  It gives me built-in content for Tuesdays when I’m lacking something else to say. And it gives me an opportunity to link up and find new blogs. 

This week’s topic? Top Ten Vacation Memories.

Y’all, this is a tough week for me to join in. I’ve only been on two real vacations in my whole life. (Okay, three-ish.  Wait…I am remembering more as I type this!)

In no particular chronological order (because that just makes sense!), here goes:

1.  Disney World.  6 years old.  With my Pops and Granny.  We rode the rides. We went to the parks. It was truly magical.  I can’t wait to take Joshua to Disney some day.

2.  Spring Break 2004.  Some friends and I traveled to the redneck mecca that is Daytona Beach.  Four girls in a Corolla. With enough luggage and clothes for an army of girls.  And a boom box. (??) There was drama part of the way through the trip and two of the girls ended up leaving, which made the return trip WAY more spacious.  This is also the week that Dan and I sort of took a step forward.  We’d met a couple of weeks prior to this and during that week, he sent me a text that said “I’d like to take you out sometime. Just us” and the rest is pretty much history (and present. and future.)

3.  Hilton Head Island, 2004.  Dan and I took a little extended weekend trip here just to get away for a few days.  We just enjoyed each other’s company because there was nothing to do there in the off-season of October. And we tried to find stuff to do.  We found a bar to watch the UGA game and were surprised to find so many UGA fans there. One in particular was a little old lady (she’d been teased and lacquered, y’all) who was decked out in UGA attire knocking back the booze at 3:00 in the afternoon.  We also stole butter from a Cracker Barrel restaurant so we could make eggs in our kitchenette.  We’re super resourceful.

4.  My bachelorette party.  Oh, L and her car.  That died on the top of a mountain. Requiring FIVE (different) girls to pile into an Infiniti G20. With ALL of their luggage. I love those ladies.  Dearly.

I just had to go to MySpace to find this picture. True story.

5, 6, and 7. The Honeymoon.  Adults only, all-inclusive.


Do I really need to say more? I didn’t think so.  But I will. Because, I mean, that’s what I do.

I dream of going back to this place one day. Or some place. I dream of a vacation where I’m pampered and I can get loaded potato skins delivered to my room at 2:00am if that’s what I want.

Ahh. One day, I will be that skinny again.

I dream of swim-up bars and poolside chips and guac.


I dream of silly “mayeeshuns” doing their magic tricks with me as their audience volunteer.

I dream of Dan driving in Mexico, where there are apparently very few traffic laws, and the few that exist are only guidelines, really.  ::sigh::

We rented a sedan. “Sedan” translates to “rollerskate” in Spanish.

I was sad to leave paradise.

I can’t believe I just put this picture on the internet. After I cropped out my bra strap. Klassy.

 8. 9. 10. St. George Island, 2008  I can’t wait to go back here some day. I can’t wait to take Joshua. I can’t wait to return to this little tiny paradise. I can’t wait until we reach the point where we can maybe make this a yearly vacation spot.  ::sigh::  This was a great week.

This might be the happiest our dog has ever been. Except for when she gets chicken. She played. We enjoyed the company of friends. We were lazy. I got to read books. It was fantastic.

This is when I had my realization that things would be okay.

We came home with quite the souvenir.

This was the fourth? test I took in one day.

One day, we’ll go on vacation and start making memories with Joshua. I’m excited for that chapter!

So, that’s my Top Ten Tuesday. What’s your favorite vacation memory?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.