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It is well with my soul, y’all

Any time Dan has to work late, part of me panics just a little bit.  I’m always sort of afraid that Joshua and I will have an Epic-OMG-Fail of a night together and Dan will find me blubbering in a corner when he walks in the door.


Ahh, tonight I feel relieved and amazing and like the light of Heaven shined down on me and the Angels started singing the Hallelujah chorus.

These are the days that I crave. The days for which my soul longs.

What was so special?

Nothing.  It was an absolutely normal evening.  Completely, totally normal.

We’ve had a couple of rough evenings this week. Joshua has gotten home from daycare and has gone into a full-on Category 1733938 meltdown.  In the midst of Monday’s meltdown, I remembered the GEM from Positive Parenting and I’ve had to take him into his room and hold him and rock him and sing to him until he stops crying.  Then we settle in together for a minute and reconnect.  And then he’s okay and we go on about our business of dinner, toys, bath, and bed.

But while I’m in the nursery with Joshua, Dan’s here to start dinner and take the dog out and feed her and take care of things.

By myself?

I was afraid it was going to get ugly.

But it didn’t.  I got the opposite of ugly.

I got one of those smooth evenings from start to finish. One of those evenings that I want to bottle up and save for one of the ugly days. The kind of evening that makes me feel awesome. Like a Super Mom.  

While we watched Yo Gabba Gabba together, I breathed in the smell of his hair and I sang in his ear.  And he just sat still and leaned his head against my chest and we just were. Together.

And my heart?  My heart is so full right now.  So very, very full.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.