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Our Mini Vacation–The Bad, The Good, The Best, Part Two

The Good!  (See, I can be a ray of positivity and sunshine sometimes!)

There will be pictures in this post.  Some of them will feature Joshua with me as a background image.  I will be in a swimsuit. For the sake of your retinas, focus on the cute baby, mmkay?  Seeing me in a swimsuit might scar you for life and make you never want to have children, if you don’t have them already (and this suit covers up the strechmarks that have taken over my abdomen).  If you do already have a child (or two or three), seeing me in a swimsuit will either make you say “Whew…glad I bounced back better than THAT” or you’ll sigh in sympathy with my enormous thighs and jiggly upper arms and pasty skin due to not having any leisure time to work on my tan.

So consider yourself warned. 

Joshua likes swimming.  I love swimming.  I’m a Pisces.  Joshua was supposed to be a Pisces.   It makes sense, astrologically speaking, that he’d like the water.  We don’t live in a neighborhood with a pool, and we do not have one ourselves.  And while we have friends with pools (all of whom have generously and graciously invited me to use theirs this summer should I desire to do so) we don’t have easy access to swimming. So I was SUPER excited to put him in his OMGADORABLE rash guard and swim trunks and take him swimming.  I mean, horrible photo quality aside, LOOK AT THIS CUTENESS AND YOUR UTE WILL ACHE.

So after getting him sufficiently decked out in his swimming attire, we ventured down to the hotel pool.  And the fun began:

 Seriously. If anyone makes fun of how hugenormous I am, I will cry enough tears to fill this pool. And it will need to be refilled later.  There’s a story about that.
Look at that face.  That face screams “THIS IS THE MOST AWESOMEST THING I’VE EVER DONE IN MY LIFE!” (I’ll work on his grammar later, y’all.  Don’t worry.)
 “Man, it’s tough being me…Mom…where’s my sippy? And put an umbrella in it this time, wouldya!”
Here’s a fun side story for y’all:
There were several other kids playing at the pool on Saturday morning and we’d gone between the big pool and the little pool a couple of times and finally decided to go back to the big pool.  I was climbing down the steps with Joshua in my arms when I look over at the cute little blonde girl in her yellow polka dot bathing suit who is cooing “BAAAAYBEEE!  HIIIII BAYYYBEEEEEE!” And is jumping up and down in the water.  Then I look at her mother who is standing on the steps with her. And her mother goes “I thought you said you went when we were in the room!” And the girl had POOPED in the POOL, y’all.  OMG.  
And I was standing no more than six feet away from it. 
In the pool.
And it did not belong to my child.
I hope and pray to the sweet baby Jesus in his manger that I am never that mother.  I know that it could totally be me one day, but I pray and pray and pray it isn’t.

That sweet little blonde girl was the flower girl at the wedding.

My child actually slept okay in the hotel. While it was kind of boring for us, and while it kind of took him longer than usual to fall asleep at night and at naptime, he slept pretty great once he got there.  This was my biggest fear–that he wouldn’t sleep and I’d have Captain Crankypants for the entire weekend.  I am so, so thankful that he slept.

He wraps himself up in his blanket when he sleeps.  Like, blanket over his head.  Like, some mothers would have heart attacks looking at my child as he sleeps because the only skin you can see is his feet.

But he slept.  And it was good. 

He was a trooper at the wedding. The wedding was outside.  This is a recipe for complete happiness for Joshua provided he is able to wander around.  Which he couldn’t do during the ceremony.  But he did get to wander around afterward and he had a blast.  And he got sweaty.  And when he got sweaty, we saw just how curly his hair really is.  And y’all, those curls?  Those curls are beautiful.

THE CURLS. OMG. And Joshua would like you all to know that he knows where your eyes are. And he will be glad to show you if you do not know where they are located.
  CUTE. BABY. Strange. Mommy.
He kicked this tennis ball around for about an hour and a half. He thought it was awesome. We tried to keep it (and him) from going into the pool.
We spent a weekend NOT at home. And no one got sick or maimed.  And no one really cried.  Not even Joshua. And not me. SUCCESS!

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Thursday 3rd of June 2010

b.) josh looks just like you. which is weird because when he was little i thought he looked more like dan.

C.) there is no a. i'm drinking wine, can ya tell?


Wednesday 2nd of June 2010

What are you talkin about? You look great!

Joshua is too cute for words. i kinda wish I had a daughter so we could begin planning their arranged marriage. oh well.

We swim about 2x a week at my hubs' school's pool. Solo-boy's friend "O" has a habit of pooping right when he gets in the pool (wears a swim diaper) but it gets all wet and gushy & leaks out the top of his trunks. It is SOOO NASTY.


Wednesday 2nd of June 2010

is it wrong that my favorite picture is the one of that adorable bay-bee poking his dad in the eye? because i lol'd. sorry about the poop, i learned the hard way as a kid at the beach that rocks don't float in the ocean. ROCKS. DON'T. FLOAT.


Tuesday 1st of June 2010

I looked at your pictures & I'm not sure what you were talking about. I saw a hot mama and her handsome young man! The pictures came out great and Joshua is so cute that it's ridiculous.

Sluiter Nation

Tuesday 1st of June 2010

you look GREAT! I would NEVER let myself be seen in a bathing suit at this point...oh wait, I was totally in one this weekend. and it was a FAIL.

Also? My hubs looked over my shoulder at your curly-haired handsome son and said, "wow. that could be OUR baby with those curls!"

sigh...i wish our boys could play together. Eddie loves the water too!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.