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Now that I have half a glass of wine in me…

I can blog about how much I HATE SHOTS.  They are evil. EVIL.

Today was his 15 month well-baby visit.  Today was shots.

Shots suck, people.

Joshua’s last well-baby check up was pretty much a recipe for Mommy Meltdown.  This visit, I’m happy to report, was NOTHING like that one.  At all.  In fact, it was pretty much the most AWESOME visit EVER until the end.

Let me just recap some stats for you, mmkay?  Just in case I don’t brag enough about how much I love my kid and how awesome he is.

Joshua is 33 inches tall.  (92nd %ile)

He is also 26 lbs, 13.7 oz (85th %ile)

And his head is huge. As always. 19.4 inches (95th %ile).

He signs (and says) “all done” and it’s pretty much his go-to phrase when he’s doesn’t want to be doing whatever it is he’s doing at that moment.  Tired of being in the carseat? “Ahhh daaahhh” with the waving hands.  Tired of being in the crib?  “Aaaaaahhhh daaaahhhh” can be heard over the monitor. 

He also signs “more,” and most recently, “Mama” (but I still don’t know if he knows that *I* am Mama.) 

If you ask him what sound a cow makes, he goes “brrrrrrrrrr” because the cow is cold because that’s what he thinks we sound like when we make the cow sound.  He can “kack” like a duck.  And he can “bak bak” like a chicken.

He’ll show you his eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. And he’ll show you where yours are, too, you know, in case you forgot. 

He tries to put his sunglasses on his own head and EVERYTHING is a telephone.  It seems that all those morning drives to daycare while talking to his Nana have taught him how to talk on the phone. 

At night, he attempts to help us comb his hair.  IT.IS.SO.CUTE.

He PRETENDS, y’all!!  Yesterday I was sitting on the couch and he kept going to the edge of the rug and leaning down and then coming over to me and putting “something” in my hand.  Only it was nothing.  Today, I was giving him some gummy snacks as a treat (because it was the only thing that stopped the whining!) and when they ran out and my hand was empty, he looked at my hand, reached down, pretended to pick something up and put it in his mouth, and then smiled at me.  ADORABLE.

He’s AWESOME.  Sarah the NP said “He’s healthy and thriving and you are doing a great job, Mom!” 


He didn’t have a meltdown.  He was his usual charming self.  She told me that there will be days when he’ll only eat Goldfish crackers and that it’s OKAY.  (Did you hear that!?!?  I’m not a Mama Fail because my son’s diet consists of goldfish!) She said she’s happy if I get two servings of veggies in him a week as long as I keep trying.  She was okay with the fact that we’ve given him peanut butter and said that it’s a great source of protein as long as he’ll eat it (and isn’t having a reaction, of course, and he isn’t, and I knew that about the protein).

I felt, and feel, so much better about the job I’m doing after that visit this morning.  Seriously.  Now I’ve just got to get him taking naps without the assistance of a sippy of milk, (which is probably more habit for me than for him, honestly) and we’ll start working on his fine motor skills. 

While we waited, he played with the paper:

He explored the room this time and learned that he can go under the table, so he practiced hiding from the doctor:

Yes, I put his shoes on before I put him on that germy floor. I learned my lesson after last time.
But then the shots came and ruined everything.  He cried.  Big, giant crocodile tears and sobs and was inconsolable. Until I found some wayward cheerios in the diaper bag.  Those settled him down. (THANK YOU, GENERAL MILLS!)  He got two band-aids, we made his 18 month appointment, and we were on our way to the grocery store.  
And he was an angel.  
He kept giving me kisses without me asking him for them.  He was smiling at people and was just a generally happy little guy.  
We got home and he ate a snack and it was nap time, so I put him down for a nap. And he only slept for two hours.  (Did I mention he got up at 5:15 today?  No?  Well, he did. Complete with an “aaaaahhhh dahhh” to let me know that, yes, despite my best efforts to get him back to sleep, he was, in fact, ready to start the day.)
I think there was a bit of overtired baby at work against me this afternoon, but from those shots.
He wanted me to hold him, but he didn’t want me to sit down with him.  (Did I mention he weighs nearly 27 pounds???)  Then he didn’t want me to hold him, but he didn’t want to get down, either.  He didn’t want to play with his toys.  But he didn’t want to watch The Wiggles or Elmo’s World (and what is up with Mr. Noodle?  He’s just creepy.)
He was a handful.
So we went to Target to get out of the house.  And T. J. Maxx.  (And I’m gonna need y’all to start sending me money so I can go shopping at T. J.’s Just kidding.)
But he was still cranky.  Super cranky.  He’d be fine and then he’d bust out in a wail. And it was exhausting.  
It’s over now, though, and I’ve had some time to unwind. And tomorrow is a new day, right?  Right. 
I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.