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A little something you may not know about me

I’m participating in the Twitter Tat Tour today. I’m kind of excited. I’m a Twitter n00b. But this seemed fun.

Bet y’all didn’t know I had a tattoo, did you?

Yes. I do. ::sigh:: And it’s in that location on my back that rhymes with “ramp lamp.”

However, I got mine long before that location became a popular location for girls to get tattoos. Or, at least, long before *I* realized that was a popular location for girls to get tattoos.

My rational for locating it there was two-fold.

One, I knew I was going to be a teacher, so I needed to put it in a location that would be easily covered up.

Two, I didn’t want to put a tattoo somewhere that would be invaded by stretch marks one day. And MAN am I glad I thought that through because WHOA did my body get invaded by stretch marks when I got pregnant. (I’m pretty sure I got my first stretchie FROM BLOAT, y’all.)

Anyway, this tattoo, while I often forget I even have it due to its location, is one that is special to me because my Dad and I got tattoos together. He added to a sleeve of tattoos representing his nickname and I got a butterfly. I thought it was poetic and beautiful. I was “becoming someone different.”



I mean, I like my tattoo. I do. But I wish I’d gotten something that was a little more “me”…a little more…personal.

Here’s my tattoo:

I’ve thought about adding to this one. And I’ve thought about getting more tattoos.  I’d like my astrological sign on the inside of my wrist in white ink so that you have to look for it.  I’d like a Celtic trinity symbol, in honor of our family, between my shoulder blades.  I’d like a shooting star on the inside of my foot, underneath my ankle.

But I know I’ll likely never get another tattoo.  Not because it hurt.  Because, really, it wasn’t bad.  (I went through NON-MEDICATED PITOCIN LABOR.  I know pain, y’all.) 

The reason(s) I’ll likely never get another tattoo are 1) I feel too old and 2) they are expensive.  I can barely bring myself to spend $15 getting my eyebrows waxed.  So there’s no way I’m dropping a couple hundred on a tattoo.  And did I mention I feel too old? 


I do think tattoos are awesome, though.

So now it’s your turn.  Link up and participate in the Twitter Tat Tour!  

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Monday 17th of May 2010

Hi there! Just stopping by from the Blog Party. Love you blog. By the way, I had epidural-pitocin labor, and that was rough enough, I cannot imagine pain medicine free pitocin labor!!! You go girl!!!

Rachel Cotterill

Friday 14th of May 2010

At least, if you spend money on a tattoo, it's with you for life ;)

I'm wayyyyyy too much of a wimp to get one done, though!

Kristi Maristi

Friday 14th of May 2010

cheers for butterfly ramp lamps!!!!! And You are never too old! But, I feel ya about spending the money on them. My eyebrows are OOC right now , cause I hate mustering up $15 to get them landscaped!


Friday 14th of May 2010

I wish my dad would get tattooed with me! I got my mom her first tattoo for her 50th birthday. Oh- and- TRAMP STAMPS UNITE!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.